Where to watch Naruto anime in Spanish (Spain) – El Androide Feliz

The Naruto anime, probably along with One Piece and Bleach, is one of the series shonen most emblematic and influential of the last twenty years. In Spain it began to be broadcast through the Jetix television channel in 2006, and since then it has gone through several national channels such as FDF and Boing.

Today with the anime already concluded, both Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden, are only available in Spain via streaming services. Boruto, the spiritual successor of the mythical anime has not yet been dubbed into Spanish, although we can also find it in full on sites like Crunchyroll with Spanish subtitles.

The good thing about watching Boruto on Crunchyroll is that the series is available completely free of charge and without registration (but with some advertising, of course).

How to watch Naruto anime with dubbing in Spanish (Spain)

As we say, the Naruto anime, that is, the first part of the story that includes from the beginning to chapter 220 of season 9, is only available through streaming. In Prime Video can find all the episodes dubbed into Spanish until season 4. That is, until chapter 104.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episodes that go from season 5 to season 9 are not available in a dubbed version in Spanish on any other platform. In any case, in Crunchyroll we can also find all the chapters from season 1 to season 9, but yes, with Japanese dubbing and Spanish subtitles.

Where can we see the Naruto Shippuden anime dubbed into Spanish?

If we want to enjoy the second part of Naruto, that is, Naruto Shippuden, we have it even more complicated, and that is that there is currently no platform that offers the series dubbed into Spanish in Spain.

The good news is that at least Crunchyroll we find all the Shippuden anime, although as with the first seasons of the series, all the chapters are in Original version with Spanish subtitles.

It should be noted that although Naruto Shippuden on Crunchyroll is only available for premium users, there are some chapters that can be viewed in full for free without the need to be subscribed to the platform. These are the last chapters of the series (episodes 466 to 500) and the first 3 chapters of the beginning of Shippuden.

In short, the truth is that the panorama for fans of the dubbing of Naruto in Spanish is quite complicated, being able to enjoy only the first 4 seasons through Prime Video. For the rest, we will have no choice but to opt for the subtitled Crunchyroll episodes. At least until Netflix or any other streaming platform decides to bring the anime of the Konoha ninjas to its catalog.