Which ‘Naruto’ Character Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign? | Capital

just like dragon ball either Knights of the Zodiac, Naruto has become one of the anime most popular of all time, which is why many of his fans continue to talk about him to this day. Thanks to his story, both in the sleeve As in the series, it remains one of the preferred several.

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However, there are certain traits that some of the characters of this universe that resemble the 12 signs of the horoscope. Come discover who you are according to you sign.

What character are you?

Within the universe of Narutothere are thousands of characters memorable, some with more importance within the history of Kishimoto’s work. In fact, only a few show attitudes similar to that of the signs of the zodiac, so one of them could be you. These are the following.

Aries (Sakura Haruno)

Like this sign, it has a lot of Energy, but she proved to be an unstoppable person and is usually the most boisterous of the group, but she doesn’t like to be ignored by others.

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Taurus (Choji Akimichi)

As a good Taurus, he is not only a person lasting, but it will not pass up a good meal. It is that passion for food that is sometimes seen by others as selfish and indulgent.

Gemini (Itachi Uchiha)

The ingenuity and intelligence Gemini are the traits of this character. Sasuke’s older brother always paid attention to his surroundings and picked up on all those important cues.

Cancer (Neji Hyuga)

He has a wave of cynical energy but at the same time sensitive. he hid his emotions behind a strong mental barrier, but shows impressive creative talent.

Leo (Sasuke Uchiha)

will always be the center of attention and he will be willing to do anything to be number one. Thanks to their passion, they tend to be natural leaders, despite their intention.

Virgo (Kakashi Hatake)

Virgos are usually people who seek the order. They are also ingenious and hardworking beings and will seek to enjoy a good book.

Pound (Naruto Uzumaki)

Delusional and impulsive, are the characteristics of the protagonist. Like this sign, he is equipped with a strong sense of Justice. Although he can act like a spoiled child at times, but he would never hurt the rest of the group.

Scorpio (Orochimaru)

This character has both positive and negative traits, since he is possessive, but magnetic; his obsession can be seen as grotesque or unhealthy, but he’s still a passionate For his job.

Sagittarius (Rock Lee)

Like this sign, it is a inspiring who shows optimism out of this world and is not afraid of new challenges.

Capricorn (Gaara)

He shows that he has a nature cold but relentless, but it remains one of the signs that maintains its status in a high sense.

Aquarius (Shino Aburame)

The member of the Aburame Clan, like Aquarius, has always been a man with a personality cautious, but he is also very direct when he communicates.

Pisces (Tenten)

Pisces are people with a great imagination and seeks to fulfill his dreams. In the same way, he has a good sense of compassion, be it with the members of his team or the rest of his teammates.