Who is Seishi Kishimoto, the brother of the author of Naruto, harassed and accused of plagiarism?

You surely know Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto. But did you know that the famous mangaka had a twin brother, also a designer who was harassed and accused of plagiarism during his career? We will explain everything to you.

A family of mangaka

Everyone knows Naruto. One of the most popular manga of all time and a member of the legendary big 3 that marked the beginning of the 2000s. Its author, Masashi Kishimoto is also one of the richest mangakas in history. But did you know that his twin brother Seishi Kishimoto also had drawing skills. The Japanese has also created several works in his career.

Among the most famous, Blazer Drive or Satan 666 which met with slight success in the land of the rising sun. Unfortunately, Seishi was bullied and had trouble finishing his manga, due to a resemblance in his writing and drawing style to his brother’s manga.

Seishi Kishimoto accused of plagiarism

After the release of Satan 666, the work of Seishi Kishimoto is beginning to be recognized at its fair value. But very quickly, the critics fell and the mangaka was accused of plagiarizing Naruto, which became one of the most popular manga in the world, upon its release in 1999. His drawing techniques strongly resemble those of Masashi Kishimoto and this the latter finds himself being harassed for a very long time, without the fans being aware that the two main interested parties are twins.

Finally, the author of Naruto decides to calm this controversy by intervening with his readers, so that they stop harming the life and work of his brother. Like what, the celebrity can have harmful sides on his family!