Who is the best Akatsuki team in Naruto – and what makes them so special?

Los Akatsuki de Naruto: Shippuden They make up probably one of the most iconic groups of villains in all of anime. The goal of their organization was to capture all the Jinchuriki and Tailed Beasts. To achieve this more quickly, they divided into two-man squads, each with its own objectives. Each team had its own strengths, but one particular duo stood out above the rest: Hidan and Kakuzu.

On paper, Hidan and Kakuzu have very different personalities and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to get along. Kakuzu is an irritable, calm and calculating guy whose main concern is how much money he can get out of any situation. Hidan is a religious fanatic who pretends to have as much fun as possible by indiscriminate slaughter in the name of Jashin. As you might expect, Hidan constantly gets on Kakuzu’s nerves, but their relationship endures thanks to one key fact: Hidan can’t kill Kakuzu.

Hidan’s immortality makes him the perfect (or rather unique) teammate for Kakuzu, given that the latter killed everyone else he was paired with. It also plays a huge role in the fact that they work so well together in Naruto: Shippuden. Both prefer to fight alone, but are capable of deadly combos if they feel capable of doing so. Hidan is a specialist in taijutsu and although Kakuzu is not that bad, he excels at elemental jutsu. His attack combo begins with Hidan engaging his opponent in close combat. Once they are fully immersed in battle, Kakuzu blasts the pair with a powerful jutsu. Hidan recovers well, but his attack is almost certain death for anyone caught in it.

They also understood each other and often went out of their way to accommodate each other’s requests. Kakuzu might not understand Hidan’s religion or anything about Jashin, but he always (reluctantly) kept an eye on Hidan as he performed his rituals. Kakuzu returns the favor by accompanying his teammate to collect the rewards he earned at various collection points. The duo make a great show of complaining about how annoying each other’s requests are, but from the way they argue and tease each other on their travels, it’s obvious that they enjoy each other’s company.

Their different personalities also make them more pleasant to watch than Akatsuki’s other two-man cells. Hidan is quite boastful and loud, and takes pleasure in verbally berating his opponents. When he starts ranting, Kakuzu keeps tapping him with his usual restraint. The taunts aren’t one-sided either, as Hidan taunts Kakuzu every time he does something unusually good.

Hidan and Kakuzu have arguably the best and most effective working relationship of all the Akatsuki in Naruto: Shippuden. Although the other cells are capable of teamwork to some degree, they never do so with their level of finesse or cooperation, and they certainly do not have the camaraderie of Hidan and Kakuzu.