Who is the most powerful Hokage in Naruto?

Naruto, Minato, Hashirama. But who is Konoha’s most powerful village Hokage? We have tried to answer the question objectively. Be careful, there will be disappointments.

What is the role of a hokage?

A Hokage is a powerful ninja, capable of protecting the village of Konoha from an external threat, or even from within in case of betrayal. To access this honorary title, it is necessary to obtain the confidence of the inhabitants of the village and to be respected and adored by the other shinobis. When a person is already in place, to replace him, you have to either wait for his death or wait for a resignation.

There have been 8 Hokages in the history of naruto. Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen Sarutobi, Minato, Tsunade, Danzo (temporarily, even if his accession to power is often discussed), Kakashi and of course Naruto Uzumaki. If all the fans of the work are unanimous in electing Danzo as the weakest, who is the most powerful of all these exceptional ninjas?

Who is the most powerful hokage?

The Kage of Konoha are often considered the most powerful of any village in the ninja world. Kakashi and Tsunade are probably the weakest. Even if they remain formidable shonibis, they are very far from the level of their predecessors. Tobirama Senju is Hashirama’s younger brother. He is the second Hokage as well as the master of the Suiton and the inventor of several very powerful techniques like spatiotemporal teleportation. Hiruzen Sarutobi was considered the most powerful Kage of his time. He trained Tsunade, Oroshimaru and Jiraiya. Minato, aka. Konoha’s lightning, is one, if not the fastest ninja in the manga. Naruto’s father, he protected the village from the Kyubi threat.

The first place is necessarily played between Hashirama and Naruto. One is the first Hokage, the other is the latest. The former head of the Senju clan defeated Madara and founded Konoha. But it remains slightly less powerful than naruto, especially at the end of the manga, who was the main savior of the fourth great ninja war against Obito, Madara and then Kaguya. However, Naruto is not the most powerful character in the manga.

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