Who would win a fight between Goku and Naruto without powers?


One of the most frequent debates in the manga and anime community is the comparison between Goku and Naruto. And the fans are clear which would be the winner.

The comparisons between characters from different manga It’s a very common thing nowadays, as fans enjoy doing this and showing that their favorite character is the most powerful. Evidently, one of the comparisons or dream battles most frequent is that of Son Goku and Naruto Uzumaki, protagonists of the Dragon Ball and Naruto franchiserespectively.

On this occasion, a debate was created again for a hypothetical fight between both characters, but this time no powers, just hand-to-hand combat. This generated all kinds of responses on the Twitter platform. Next, we will see some of the most interesting messages to, at the end, give our opinion about it.

Who would win a match between Goku and Naruto? twitter responds

The Twitter platform is usually a trend because it is the home in which all kinds of debates and discussions take place. In this opportunity, the user Pranish_W conducted a poll, asking who would win in a match between Naruto and Goku. The handicap of this situation is that no powers are allowed, only martial arts.

Faced with this question, many users spoke out and gave their opinion on the matter. First of all, we have those who consider that Goku would win this fight to be the strongest, although we must remember that there are some opponents more powerful than him.

Obviously, Naruto fans did not wait and immediately they shared their opinions about who would win in this hypothetical match between two of the most important characters in the history of the Shลnen.

There are also those they consider that in this battle there is no clear winner, but both contenders are more even than you could imagine. That is why we can read many responses like the following.

If you read this answer thread, you will find that there are also users who share viral reactions and memes to not take this debate so seriously.

Naruto Vs Goku: our opinion

In our opinion, Goku would beat Naruto in hand-to-hand combat, without powers

It’s important pointing that At no time should physical abilities be underestimated. of these two contenders, because both Naruto and Goku, throughout the history of their respective manga, have shown impressive capabilities for physical combat.

However, even though Naruto has faced many powerful characters in his history, displaying a great talent for the taijutsuour opinion is that this would not do you much good.

First, Goku has trained in martial arts since he was just a child.. In fact, at this age he became the runner-up in the World Martial Arts Tournamentshowing a natural talent for combat.

In a real battle, Not only physical ability is importantbut also the experience. And due to what Goku has been fighting for much longer than Naruto, we can say that he is a battle-hardened warrior. Also, possesses mental abilities that allow him to throw his rivals off balance. All this without counting that Goku has practically mastered all forms of martial arts.

We are clear that Goku would win in a hand to hand combat against Naruto, only physical abilities and no powers. Although the story may be different if it were a battle between Rock Lee and Son Goku.

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