Who would win in a fight between Goku and Naruto? The victor is clear and without using his powers

We show you which would be the winner between Naruto and Goku in a battle without powers.

There is no doubt that Dragon Ball and Naruto are some of the most popular franchises of all time, and it is that both They have very original and interesting arguments that have made their fan communities bigger and bigger.

If there is something that these animes have in common, it is that the protagonists they are considered to be the most powerful warriors in their worlds. However, this has generated a very important question for the followers and that is to know who would win between goku and naruto.

the mentioned characters have become some of the most famous and loved by the public, and this has meant that the answer to that question has been questioned on several occasions. For this reason, in the following information we leave you who would be the winner and the reasons why he would win.

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Goku vs Naruto: who would win a fight without powers?

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Goku would beat Naruto in a battle without powers

Of course, answering this question is complicated considering that both Goku and Naruto are characters that have a great power that surpasses the levels of understanding. However, if these two were to ever face each other without the use of any supernatural powers, most likely Goku was victorious and there are historical plots of their lives that, when compared, easily determine who would be the victor in this battle.

While Naruto is someone who has had a high level ninja training with various senseis that have led him to obtain physical abilities that are outside of the average human, It’s not enough to face Goku. Next, we leave you the reasons that confirm why he would take the victory

Goku has absurd resistance and durability

In the first episodes of Dragon Ball Z, Goku survives a shot to the face without any problem. Later, he is hit by a car and also takes damage in a battle where he hits stone pillars consecutively. However, it has not been confirmed exactly if this is due to his Saiyan status, or if he has been thanks to the training he obtained up to that moment.

Know well hand-to-hand combat techniques

During the twenty-third Dragon Ball World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku used one of the most difficult techniques to learn, as he easily defeated King Chappa using pressure points. To be more specific, knocked him down with just one punch at unimaginable speedwhich means that Goku is able to understand the anatomy of his opponents to find their weak points during battle.

Goku has created a new martial art

In Dragon Ball, when Goku faces Jackie Chun in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament, Goku begins to use a new martial art that he himself createdbeing known as “Mad Dog Fist”. This consists of acting like a dog or a monkey when the enemy is off guard in order to attack by surprise with a kick while he is distracted by his actions.

On the other hand, he is able to quickly learn the techniques and can develop physical and mental abilities that adapt in the best way to evolve in their combats. A good example of this is that he begins to perceive the movements of the opponent by the air waves that are around him when training with Mr. Popo, so he has the ability to fight blindfolded, without the need to resort to ki. The same thing happens when he instantly learns King Chappa’s eight-armed technique, and his famous representative technique, the Life Wave (Kamehameha).

You don’t have to be an expert to know that Goku has an innate talent for martial arts.and that is what he would use to his advantage to beat Naruto, who does not have the same fighting experience hand-to-hand combat and has also not shown mastery of martial arts since childhood. In fact, to use most of his abilities, you need to manipulate your sensory and energy powerknown as “chakra”, while Goku would not need “ki” to excel in a battle without powers.

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