Why did Kakashi decide to train Sasuke instead of Naruto during the Chunin Exams?

The Chunin Exams arc is one of the anime’s most memorable.naruto a series of mental and physical tests that would determine who is capable of advancing to the rank of Chunin. In the history of the Ninja, these exams were strenuous and were designed for participants to push their abilities to the limit, so of course in the anime we saw one of the most iconic moments of each of their characters.

In the Chunin examinations, we could see how Cherry tree discovered his inner strength in his fight against Ino, naruto he proved that willpower and determination can override fate and Shikamaru proved his wits and wits against the mighty Temari. However, between all these anime character developments, we can assure you that Sasuke it had one of the strongest growths unlike its other peers in the tests.

In the months leading up to the conclusion and completion of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke began intensive training with Team 7’s instructor, the Elite Ninja. Kakashi Hatake, giving him physical and psychological training specifically for the young Ninja. Until then, Kakashi had been a caring mentor to the three members of Team 7, but what made him put Naruto and Sakura aside and focus only on Sasuke?

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The main reason why Kakashi noticed Sasuke more is because of his technique of SharinganWell, in episode 39 of “Naruto”, Sasuke used this technique to replicate the powerful taijutsu style of Rock Lee, although he only witnessed it once. At that moment, Kakashi recognized that Sasuke’s mastery of using the Sharingan had been greatly advanced during the Chunin Exams.

Both Kakashi and Sasuke possess the mysterious Sharingan, with Kakashi having it in his eyes thanks to his fallen partner, making him capable of copying over 1,000 jutsus, while Sasuke, a member of the uchiha clanyou can use the technique under blood.

Since Sasuke is the only Uchiha living in Konoha Village and Kakashi is the only other in the village with the Sharingan ability, it would make sense for Kakashi to teach Sasuke personally. Even later in the series, Kakashi admits that he and Sasuke are very similar to each other, appreciating their abilities and the potential of their strength.

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Additionally, Kakashi and Sasuke possess an affinity for their chakra lightning transformations, which resulted in Kakashi teaching Sasuke his one original technique: Chidori. Chidori is unique in that he belongs to both ninjutsu and taijutsu categories, techniques they share with Rock Lee and his master. could man.

Not all ninjas are adept at learning such a complex attack. Only those who have an affinity with the nature transformations of the lightning chakra and a great understanding of taijutsu can acquire Chidori. Sasuke Uchiha met these precise requirements, making him the ideal heir to Kakashi’s original impressive technique.

Although we all know that Naruto has great and special power and potential, even learning the popular Summoning Jutsu from JiraiyaSauke proved to have potential more suited to Kakashi’s advanced training techniques, being a more than acceptable mentor to the Last of the Uchiha.

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