Why does Naruto have cat whiskers?

Besides the excellent plot that the anime has, Naruto is also known for the characteristic designs of the characters, as well as the personality of each one of them. However, there is something that has caught the attention of many fans of the franchise since this series began, because considering that there are 10 jinchurikis, Why is Naruto the only one of them all who has three lines on each cheek?

This detail that looks like a type of cat whisker is one of the most interesting things about the character, because thanks to that differs from other ninjas and gives it that prominence it needs. However, there is an explanation for this that we will explain below.

Is Naruto’s mustache a birthmark?

Why does Naruto have cat whiskers?
Naruto, Ginkaku y Kinkaku

There is no exact answer, in the anime you can see Naruto since he was born with these characteristic mustaches, but it seems that it was an oversight of the developers because during the history of the story they imply that everything is for being the Kyubi jinchuriki. Being one of the most powerful biju, has managed to alter DNA of Naruto giving him this type of mustache that the nine-tailed fox would wear, and that is why when Naruto uses the Kyubi chakra those lines get thicker and thicker.

Another thing that confirms this theory is that the Silver and Gold brothers, Ginkaku and Kinkaku, also have these mustaches. This is because when they confronted the Kyubi to seal it, they were swallowed by it and had to survive inside the biju by absorbing its chakra, which also altered their DNA.