Why does Naruto have markings that look like whiskers?

When it comes to Naruto There are many questions that the anime and manga left unanswered about the small details of the series, such as why the hell Naruto has mustache-like markings on his face. Was Naruto a furro and no one had noticed? Or could it be that he has something to do with Kurama? There is more than one explanation here.

The Mustachioed Ninja

Naruto’s whiskers have always been one of the most distinctive features of the ninja, because at least in the Leaf Village no one has equals. And not only that, but of the 10 jinchurikis in the series, none other has a similar trait, making Naruto the only one who shows these curious mustaches on his face. It is certainly not the only peculiarity of the blond ninja, but it has always caught our attention.

Image: Pierrot

Why doesn’t Naruto have whiskers?

Although it was never fully explained explicitly in the manga and anime, It is said that Naruto has mustaches due to Kurama’s chakra, since it has merged with his own body, altering his DNA.. In the process, Naruto not only learned to use the Biju chakra, but his body was altered with these curious marks that do not look like anyone else. Or hardly anyone.

This theory seems to be confirmed by the Silver and Gold brothers, Ginkaku and Kinkaku. When the ninjas had to face the nine-tailed fox to seal it, they were swallowed by the Biju and in order to survive they had to absorb its chakra., something that also caused them to have mustaches like Naruto’s. It is possible that this altered his DNA due to the great power of the Biju’s chakra.

Image: Shueisha

In addition, there is much more convincing evidence that confirms this theory definitively.. in the manga of Boruto Naruto comes to lose Kurama from within him due to an intense battle. After passing out he is revived, but it is observed in one of the panels that the blond ninja no longer has any type of mark that resembles mustaches on his face. Will this be the final end of Naruto as a jinchuriki?


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