Why is Naruto manga overrated?

First of all, read the whole article carefully before insulting me. I’m not saying that naruto is bad, far from it moreover, but I find on an individual basis — and therefore subjectively — that we do a little too much on this manga. It is certainly very cool and we have a good time in front of the 72 volumes, but it has many flaws. Here is a small summary of the strengths and major weaknesses of the work.

naruto part 1, tears of pleasure

Let’s start with what made naruto his fame: his first part. With the debut of Team Seven, Kakashi becoming our teenage fantasy, and a stratospheric ninja review, one can’t help but appreciate Kishimoto’s handiwork. The scenario is coherent, the secondary characters varied but interesting and the two villains (Gaara and Orochimaru) are two BGs that we respect and cheerfully invite to dinner. naruto Part 1 ends with the Naruto/Sasuke clash which, personally, made me cry so much at 16 that my mother used me as a mop.


Shippuden, the beginning of the end

Comes next Naruto Shippuden and there, we begin to bleed from the heart. When Sakura gets a member of the legendary Akatsuki with an old woman by her side and Naruto stuffs himself an immortal Akatsuki member while testing his new Rasengan, I started to think that it smelled a little too grilled. Yet it was not the worst, because Shippuden gave birth to all the faults of naruto.

Too many neglected characters

Far too many secondary characters who had their importance in the examination of the ninjas unfortunately become shadows in the rest of the story. Shino, Kiba, Ino, Kankuro, or Rock Lee are simply squeezed out of the plot, as they added interesting elements to Konoha’s story and combat arts structure. After the three-year ellipse, there is no longer any plot involving secondary characters.

The Uchiha are everywhere and the Sharingan too

The Uchiha family plot is the only one that runs through all the arcs of the work. From Sasuke to Madara, via Itachi and Obito, each frame sees an Uchiha appear at some point. The latter has a secret plan that he reveals over the volumes and personally, I find it a bit abused. We have Uchihas everywhere, Sharingan with larigot, endless Genjutsu and pupils always more pissed off than each other. If the Uchiha were so important, the manga had to be named Uchiha.


The Great War: a brothel without a name

What should have been the climax of the work only had the effect of a vulgar wet firecracker. The Great War arc is an endless storyline maze. It pulls out the seven ancient swords of Kiri while we don’t even know the current ones. It makes fights last against strangers like the Gold and Silver brothers or the old Kage, when in real life, we don’t care. It brings back secondary characters that we have forgotten because they have been absent for 30 volumes. Result: I didn’t believe in Neji’s death, when really, I’m crying for nothing.

The big bad that hides another big bad that actually hides another big bad

The Great War also reveals the main weak point of Shippuden : a bad villain. Or rather, a villain who changes every five volumes. First Tobi/Obito who goes from evil mastermind to nice cute thanks to the talk no jutsu (the fact of defeating the bad guys by lecturing them), well, OK, that’s ok. It passes because Madara turns out to be the real one evil mastermind, who had planned everything from the beginning to come back to life and smash everyone. But no, someone had the good idea to add the goddess of a tree (who is actually an extraterrestrial) and who has no emotional impact on the past, present or future of our heroes. Waste.


Naruto has no talents except an unlimited amount of chakra.

OK, Naruto has a special talent for learning techniques in three days. But, beyond that, without Kyubi’s unlimited chakra, he would have been stepped on by all the characters, even Tenten. In real life, Naruto is a pang.

Come on, let’s end on a good note

So as not to be attacked at the next Japan Expo, let’s start on good terms about the strong points of Shippuden : long and breathless fights like Shikamaru vs. Hidan or Sasuke vs. Itachi; a Great War that gave us some chills like the appearance of Madara, and the opening of the eighth gate of Gaï. Obviously, the Nagato flashback, Jiraiya’s death, and Pain going on vacation to Konoha was a master class.

Again, this is just a personal opinion, you have every right to like Gaara with long hair and looking Boruto. With that, I go back to reading Bleach to understand how Ichigo was able to learn Bankai in 3 days when it takes 1,000 years to master it. Kisses.