Why no one took care of Naruto Uzumaki when he was younger

Naruto is one of the most popular anime and manga series of all time, and it is that the adventures of the ninja world presented us with scenarios that stole the attention of fans, with epic and shocking moments that surely marked the childhood of many. seeing Naruto Uzumaki fulfill his dreams.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the protagonist had to go through many rocky paths to become the happy and powerful seventh Hokage of Konoha, not to mention that he had a very hard time in his childhood, and grew up without a father figure, nor the of no adult to take care of him and give him a little love for the little one.

Despite the fact that Naruto grew up under the tutelage of great teachers such as Jiraiya and Hiruzen Sarutobi, there is no doubt that the ninja did not have an easy childhood, as even his mentors completely neglected him from an early age. Why did all of Naruto’s teachers abandon him to his fate when he was just a kid?

a tragic fate

Both of Naruto’s parents passed away only some time after he was born, so he never got to know them. This made him an orphan and outcast at his young age. But he was never completely alone, as he officially came under the tutelage of the Third Hokage, who provided him with a place to live, but nothing more.

Outside of that, he was never very attentive to the little boy, perhaps due to his pressing duties as the main leader of Konoha. However, he was well aware of his debt to the Fourth Hokage, Naruto’s father, who had sacrificed his own life to save the village. And then we have Kakashi. He was a student of the Fourth Hokage, who directly commissioned the copying ninja to keep an eye on his son.

Even when Minato left the village for long missions he asked Kakashi to take care of his pregnant wife from Naruto. However, Kakashi didn’t start to take a closer look at the little ninja until he came under his tutelage at the Ninja Academy.

the legendary sannin

After finishing his training under Kakashi, Naruto began training under Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin. Although it could be said that this was one of the most controversial mentors that Naruto had, because despite learning important techniques such as the Rasengan, he was never very disciplined in other aspects.

Although this was normal for Jiraiya, a wise man used to living far from people and who used to go through the shadows investigating Orochimaru’s dark plans. In short, Sarutobi never took care of Naruto because his busy life prevented him from doing so. So what about Kakashi? This shinobi also grew up without parents just like Naruto, and this arguably helped him develop a sense of independence and freedom.

Among the ninjas, independence and the ability to take care of oneself are highly valued, things that Naruto Uzumaki learned by force in his years of abandonment, all this to present us with a long character development that was worth it for the fans, since he forged the personality of the protagonist, but it hurts our hearts to see everything he had to go through in his childhood.