Why the Talk No Jutsu is the best technique in the Naruto anime

Naruto is one of the most beloved anime and manga series within the Industry, and its protagonist managed to demonstrate his great strength and great potential, but like all great shonen heroes, he has a characteristic movement and today we will focus on him. and we make it clear that they are not the shadow clones or the Rasengan.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, a movement that they always use, one that the public will know only by the name that it is theirs. While Naruto’s Rasengan almost fits the bill, his infamous “Talk No Jutsu” might be his true signature.

The “Talk No Jutsu” is Naruto Uzumaki’s special ability “to defeat any opponent and change his ideology by having a heart-to-heart conversation, often during or immediately after a battle. We can even call it a way of “evangelizing”. ” to his enemies.

This ability appeared constantly from the beginning to the end of the series, even making appearances in the movies. The Naruto Universe would hardly be the same without this “power”. Let’s analyze it in depth:

Naruto’s Talk No Jutsu

While “Talk No Jutsu” is annoying to some and a meme to other fans, this one has some merit. Each successful use of the technique is accompanied by action, showing a shred of hope even in the darkest of situations. Each time, Naruto pushes his way through proving who he is and what he stands for through battle, before explaining himself properly (as ninjas are wont to do, apparently).

Gaara, for example, served as a parallel to the blonde ninja at first. Both were rejected by their peoples and hated, but both longed for family, love and acceptance. But while Gaara resorted to violence to get what he wanted (because of his father’s bad teachings), seeking power in isolation, Naruto found strength in the bonds he built with his companions.

Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki in the series, believed that by showing the world true suffering and loss, they could bring people together through empathy. While his methods were cruel and wrong, his ideology made sense, even Naruto couldn’t deny it. It wasn’t until he met Pain in person that he understood his perspective.

Once again, Naruto connected their similar painful experiences as outcasts and students of Jiraiya to help Nagato understand how twisted his ideals had become over time. Although fans don’t know if “Talk No Jutsu” should have worked against a foe so entrenched in its twisted logic, this instance definitely speaks to the technique’s unsurpassed power.

But not everyone has been evangelized by Naruto! The only person who ever resisted the powerful pull of “Talk No Jutsu” was Sasuke Uchiha. Throughout the series, Naruto and Sasuke had three major battles, but the first was when he tried to stop Sasuke from leaving Konoha and going rogue.

In the end, Naruto failed because he hadn’t experienced a loss great enough to understand what Sasuke was feeling. The second time, the Uchiha had ventured further into the darkness, now as a wanted criminal.

Although Naruto, since losing Jiraiya, was now able to relate better to his former friend, Sasuke was too lost and could no longer be reached, making “Talk no Jutsu” useless. His final fight, after his team faced Kaguya during the Fourth Great Ninja War, came after the two came to a mutual understanding.