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The current season of Fortnite will end in a few days, so the community is eager to know the theme and the first skins of Season 8. There have been rumors about the arrival of important anime and manga characters to the Battle Royale, including Naruto.

With the imminent premiere of a new Battle Pass, fans are once again wondering if the popular character of Masashi Kishimoto will join the pitched battles of the title. Fortunately, more information has just emerged about this.

Everything indicates that Season 8 will have several surprises for lovers of Japanese animation, as Donald Mustard, director of the Battle Royale, revealed the first details of what awaits players in the next week.

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Manager Fortnite reveals if Naruto will make it to Battle Royale

Donald Mustard spoke to the streamer Candywing about the future of Fortnite and what it will offer in Season 8. The content creator shared few details, as Epic Games allowed him to reveal only some information about the upcoming news.

According to Candywing, Naruto will be one of the characters in the Battle Pass of the new season, so it’s a matter of waiting a few days for his official reveal. The well-known ninja would arrive at the Battle Royale with a skin, but it is still unknown what the theme of the next stage of the game will be.

On the other hand, Mustard was asked to define Season 8 in few words. The creative’s response was surprising, as he stated that it will be “the last reality” and no one knows what he means.

Lastly, it was confirmed that another singer will be joining the Battle Royale in the future, so players can look forward to another special skin and certainly a concert like the one on the Rift Tour.

We remind you that the current season will conclude with the event Operation Sky on Fire, to be held on September 12. Everything will start at 3:00 PM, Mexico City time. Soon after, all the details of Season 8 will be revealed.

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