Will Naruto die in Boruto, or the death of [SPOILER] will she be what will kill him? – JAPANFM

Now that he no longer has Kurama, is Naruto’s death all but guaranteed, or don’t the public really have to worry?

Recently in Boruto, everyone’s favorite hyperactive and moron ninja # 1 jumped in the mill. After suffering several crushing defeats in a row against Jigen and then against a reincarnated Isshiki Otsutsuki, things were already looking bad for the Seventh Hokage. The greatest loss, however, was that of Kurama, who sacrificed himself to give Naruto the power to end Isshiki’s threat for good.

Although he has seen his share of losses in Naruto, this is the first time the character has been rendered so helpless. Although he has his own massive chakra reserves, they are nothing compared to Kurama’s. This puts Naruto in a very dangerous position, as he is known around the world as the seventh Hokage and the strongest shinobi in the world, as well as the one who killed Isshiki.

With Code inheriting Isshiki’s will and somehow being stronger than his late master, Naruto is in a much more precarious position than ever before. While not really useful to Code or the rest of Kara without Kurama, Naruto is still a high priority target to kill their late leader. Considering what it took to beat Isshiki and how Naruto has no real way to do it a second time around, it’s clear to see why many fans are concerned that the Hokage’s days are numbered.

Boruto Naruto Combat Isshiki

That being said, Naruto has already avoided his death in the recent battle. The Jinchurikis, those who have tailed beasts in them, are supposed to die once / if the beast is taken from them. This is how he “died” in Naruto Shippuden. However, due to the unique way Baryon Mode works, Kurama is not only the only one who died, but he does so in a way that doesn’t kill Naruto, saving his life in a number of ways during battle.

Another point to consider is the scene from the future at the very beginning of Boruto. In this scene, an older Boruto and Kawaki are in the middle of a fight against each other – one that seemingly destroyed the Hidden Leaf. At one point, Kawaki declares, “I will send you to where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto,” implying that in that future Naruto is not dead, just somewhere else.

While this statement could be interpreted as confusion and ambiguity on Kawaki’s part about sending Naruto to the afterlife, there is too much evidence that goes against this theory. . Kawaki loves Naruto like the father he always wished he had, and he’s made it clear on several occasions that he doesn’t want to see Naruto hurt or dead. Indeed, he’s risked his life on numerous occasions to save Naruto, so as it stands it’s a little hard to imagine Kawaki could kill him.

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Another factor to take into account is that Naruto is still strong enough even without Kurama. With his large chakra reserves, the chakra of other tailed beasts, and his six-lane Sage mode, Naruto is still considered one of the strongest shinobis in the world, even though he’s not as strong as he is anymore. before. While he is unlikely to be able to face threats of Otsutsuki’s level as before, there is still much he can do to protect the village of the Hidden Leaf.

Overall, there is a lot more evidence to support Naruto staying alive. With still a more than considerable amount of strength for a shinobi, as well as someone as strong as Kawaki dedicated to protecting Naruto, he is relatively safe from death. The only major threat to him that’s currently known is the Code, but with Kawaki and Boruto gaining control and mastery over their respective abilities, Naruto has a lot less to fear.

Kurama’s death hit fans almost as hard as Naruto’s, so it’s understandable viewers are worried. With Kurama even hinting at the time that Baryon Mode would kill Naruto or both, viewers were probably prepared for the worst. Fortunately, Kurama was a sneaky fox and lied. He sacrificed himself so Naruto could go on living, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.