With its 270 million copies sold, this manga exceeds Naruto

The little detective seems unstoppable in his irresistible ascent. And on his journey, he allows himself to eclipse a star in the field.

The work of Gōshō Aoyama continues to break records. Already at the center of all attention with the success of his animebut also his numerous projects of feature films, the manga continues to grow with ever stronger sales. Its versions on the small and big screen had a positive effect on these figures, just as was the case with the broadcast of the first season of chainsaw Man on the paper sales of the latter. A great synergy therefore, which allowed the former fifth of the top best-selling manga in the world to overtake one of its competitors, and not the least.

Volume 101 of Detective Conan will be published in France on February 24th by Kana editions.©Kana

Detective versus ninja

With 270 million volumes sold, Detective Conan indeed recovers the fourth place of the world top, relegating the famous naruto in fifth place with its 250 million sales. A performance which is also explained by the fact that Aoyama continues the serialization of his manga, unlike Masashi Kishimoto who concluded the adventures of the Konoa ninja in 2014.

It is also a relative injustice, since the spin-off Borutologically subtitled Naruto Next Generation, is not counted in the sales total. The adventures of Shinichi Kudo in his quest against the mysterious men in black, to regain his adult appearance, however, have a lot to do to shake up the other prestigious licenses of the top 5.

Luffy, to infinity

Seeming forever inaccessible, since always in progress and at the top both in bookstores and in dark rooms, One Piece by Eiichirō Oda accounts for a whopping 516 million copies. Slightly less than double Detective Conan, an abyssal difference, impossible to make up for. more within reach, Golgo 13 and Dragon Ball each have around 300 million copies sold.

Still, this difference of 30 million volumes will not be an easy “business” to fill for the detective. The upcoming release of The Culprit Hanzawa in the cinema should once again boost the sales of this phenomenon, which is definitely indestructible… to new heights?