Young man makes Naruto themed party | VIDEOS

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Videos of people who they hold parties with certain themes like colors, singers, television series and even anime, like a young woman who decided to celebrate big this time with a celebration that revolved around Naruto.

Naruto It is one of the most popular animes and especially enjoyed by children who were born in the 90s, that’s why around the world has many fans, That is why a young woman showed how she had fun at her birthday party with the theme of this character.

Through two videos that she posted on TikTok, the young woman showed that for her party there was a table that it contained various details related to the anime, such as the cake. In addition, it can also be seen that a drawing of Naruto.

As if that were not enough, the young woman also decided to wear a very important outfit, since she adapted some clothes to characterize herself as Naruto. It was so that she wore an orange dress with black details, a red cape and even painted his face.

In one of the videos, the birthday girl shared several photos with the people who attended her party.

“I had a great time on my birthday with all of you. Arigato dattebayo ”, she reads in the text that appears in the video.

In the other clip, the tiktoker shows how a part of the party was decorated where, in addition to the image of Naruto there were also orange, black and yellow balloons.

“I finally have my dream birthday with a Naruto theme,” the young woman wrote.

In the comments several users they congratulated him on his birthday and also flattered that he had done your anime-themed party.

“I don’t know who you are, but I already love you”, “Why don’t they invite me to birthdays like this?”, “Those are birthdays that do make you want to go”, “I also want to live that dream”, “The dress 10 of 10”, read some comments on the publication.