Young Otaku Celebrates Birthday With Naruto-Themed Party

  • Today, anime is one of the most powerful industries; in 2020 it generated about 24 million dollars.

  • For brands, attracting a new consumer can be up to 25 times more expensive than retaining established ones.

  • In 2021, TikTok became the most searched website on the entire internet, surpassing Google, Facebook, Amazon and other giants.

Through social networks, the celebration of a young woman who held an anime theme party “Naruto” on the occasion of her birthday has gone viral.

Community geekyfan of anime and video games, seems to be the general public that brands want to reach. Proof of this is the insistence that, on the part of various companies, has emerged in terms of video games and anime, as happened with Vans and its ‘Sailor Moon’ footwear line, to mention an example.

In this context, the community geeky it is immense; anime and video game fans have a very defined niche and, as such, it focuses a lot on what it concerns.

So, based on this premise, it is not surprising that, for some time, the bet of the brands has been the wide and complex world of anime, taking into account that there is a wide audience that follows said content.

Now, to this day, we talk about anime being one of the most important industries globally. In accordance with data published in the AJA (Association of Japanese Animation) annual report 2019-2020, in 2020, the anime market was worth 24.23 billion dollars worldwide.

Young man makes a ‘Naruto’ themed party and birthday goes viral

We live in an era in which social networks are already the ideal space for young people to express themselves freely, creating their own content.

Taking these data into account, TikTok has become, precisely, the great stage for both millennials and centennials, since, according to what Backlinkto reveals, it is young people between 16 and 29 years of age who use the Chinese platform the most.

On the other hand, let us remember that, last year, the social network developed by ByteDance became the most searched internet site, according to CloudFlarebypassing Google, Facebook, Amazon and other giants.

Thus, it is not surprising that, once again, we are talking about a viral case in which a young woman shows her great love for anime through TikTok. How did she do it? According to what you can see in the pictures, held a themed party for ‘Naruto’, one of the most iconic anime characters, to celebrate his birthday.


?????? #otakugirl #animefyp #naruto shippuden #animetiktok #fyp? #narutocosplay #birthdaynaruto??? @Cesar Pesoa466 @Sirley Ayala629 @mar groans @Jessy Ferreira

? Blue Bird – Ikimonogakari

Cases like this are already part of the digital scene, because, in the same way that said young woman shows her loyalty to ‘Naruto’, there are other situations where the closeness that the consumer can have with a particular brand can be seen.

The latter happened with a Coppel themed party that, on social networks, went viral thanks to the inventiveness of the consumer.

And it is that, today, consumers are looking for those brands with which they can feel identified, this being one of the greatest challenges for companies, as shown by the study Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2021which reveals that the brands that enjoy the most loyalty are those that have a real influence on people’s daily lives.

Similarly, according to Harvard Business Reviewfor brands, the fact of wanting attracting a new consumer can be up to 25 times more expensive than retaining those who are already established with the brand.

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