You’re going to want these new Team 7-inspired official Naruto sneakers!

This is the first official Naruto Shippuden sneaker collection, sold by Mizuno.

The successful Naruto Shippuden manga and anime ended in 2017, however, its popularity continues around the world and has given rise to many artists to create fanarts, different tributes to the series and collaborations, among others. This iconic series has left us with a multitude of elements that fans could recognize anywhere. For example, the signs that ninjas make with their hands or the insurmountable technique of the Thousand Years of Death. Even if nothing has been able to overcome the imprint that Naruto’s famous career left among the public, the one in which he runs at full speed with his arms stretched out behind his back and that we have all imitated at least once.

In fact, some professional runners have discussed the theory that this peculiar way of running improves speed, but without reaching clear enough conclusions, for now they will have the opportunity to prove this theory, or failing that, disprove it, while they carry put the first line of Naruto sneakers.

The unisex “Contender Naruto” collection is a collaboration with Japanese sporting goods retailer Mizuno and consists of three pairs of running shoes, with an exclusive design in homage to Konohagakure’s Team 7, or Team Kakashi, as it is also known. In them are the protagonist of the series, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, his antagonist, and Sakura Haruno, also one of the protagonists. The most immediate visual relationship for each character is that each pair of shoes has the colors with which they are associated with the characters, or, the color of their respective clothing throughout the series.

Here are some photos of the “Contender Naruto” collection:

From left to right: Sakura Haruno (pink, white, and red), Naruto Shippuden (black, orange, and grey), and Sasuke Uchina (navy, purple, and grey).

Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke slippers

At first glance we only see the colors that distinguish the protagonists of this collection, but if we take a closer look at the back of the shoes, we found some embroidered symbols that indicate family ties of each of the characters:


Embroidered symbols on the shoes

The first, which corresponds to Sakura, is the circle on the back of her main outfit; the second is the whirlpool shield of Naruto’s Uzumaki clan; and the last one, which represents Sasuke, is the shield of the Uchiha clan fan.

Another curiosity that the brand has taken up is that, in reference to Sasuke’s departure of the village for a large part of the series, we see that his symbol has a slash through it, just like in the protector that he has on his forehead. With this, this cold antagonist has been remembered as a key moment in the series.

But that is not the only detail that these fantastic shoes bring. Looking more closely, we can see the symbol of a leaf on the tabs, in this case, the Naruto-themed sneakers. This symbol appears on the forehead protectors of ninjas from Konohagakure, or the “Village Hidden in the Leaves”:


Leaf symbol on the tongues, the ninjas hailing from Konohagakure

Finally, here we have a part of the tribute to Naruto that we couldn’t see in the first photos. And it is that on the sides of each pair of shoes appears the characteristic Mizuno RunBird logo, made with a fabric that distinguishes it for a peculiarity in its placement. The fabric found in Naruto’s slippers is designed to have a toadskin appearance, a clear reference to his training in the Land of Toads and of course the toad summoning jutsu:


Mizuno woven logo

Just like in Naruto, also Sasuke themed sneakers have their own logo characteristic made by Mizuno. In this case, the fabric is snakeskin, another reference to the ties he had with Orochimaru and the snake-summoning jutsu.

The “Contender Naruto” sneakers They can now be purchased at the Mizuno online store, in addition to some Mizuno outlets or distributors, and even in Shonen Jump stores since last January 8. Each pair sells for 13,200 yen (approximately $114) and is available in sizes 23 to 28 centimeters (9.1 to 11 inches).

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