Yuji Nunokawa, founder of Studio Pierrot and Naruto anime adaptation, dies

This morning, the industry anime woke up with unfortunate news and is mourning the loss of one of its most brilliant executives.

Since just yesterday, December 25, Yuji Nunokawa passed away at the age of 75, which is a sad loss not only for the studio behind some of the biggest anime titles, but the community at large.

So if you are not familiar with Nunokawa or his work, you should know that he is one of those responsible for turning Studio Pierrot into the powerhouse we know today, since, during his career, the executive did everything from producing to panning and even directing. Of course, most of his work involved Pierrot titles, so Nunokawa helped oversee some of the biggest shonen titles.

For example, the principal helped supervise the anime from Naruto from the beginning and served as an executive producer on several of his films, while as for Bleach, Nunokawa helped bring his films to life. The founder has also worked on popular titles like Yu Yu Hakusho, Urusei Yatsura, and more.

As for Studio Pierrot, the company was formally established in May 1979 when Nunokawa brought together talent from Mushi Production and Tatsunoko Production. Now, Michiyuki Honma serves as CEO, and in the past, Nunokawa helped found the studio with Hisayuki Toriumi.

Starting work in the 1980s, Pierrot became a hit in less than a decade, but its worldwide notoriety exploded when Yuyu Hakusho debuted in 1992, later starting with Naruto in October 2002, when Pierrot was a household name in the anime industry, and has continued to thrive over time, receiving praise for his work on shows like Black Clover Y Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.