Zion Williamson is inspired by … Naruto to return to the top

Rarely has a kid landed in the NBA with as much hype as Zion Williamson when he arrived in the Big League. At the same time, when you see the beast, you quickly understand why. Zion is an anomaly of nature, a unique athlete (1m98 for nearly 130 kg) who seems destined for a bright future. Yes, but now, since his arrival in the NBA, Thanos has accumulated injuries and struggled to continue. Fortunately, to go up the slope, he can always count on Naruto.

A powerhouse freak and athletic phenom, the Pels star doesn’t look much like ordinary mortals at first glance, yet he also experiences ups and downs like every normal human being. Absent for the entirety of the last season, the interior has been chomping at the bit far from the floors due to a bad foot injury. Thanos has fragile legs and finally goes through a few periods of trouble during which morale is not at the max. Well in general, when things aren’t going well for you as for us, it’s heading to bed with a box of chocolates and a good series to absorb your pain. At Zion? We are not that far off. During an interview with QG on the sidelines of Comic-Con, the big Z revealed its miracle cure to fight doubts. You are most likely wondering what the colossus was doing in a meeting for manga fans, but everything is connected, you will understand. In reality, when Zion has a stroke of the blues, the guy lands in front of… an anime! Yep, the inside of the Pels is a huge fan of manga and more specifically Naruto, so much so that the Jordan brand released a special Williamson x Naruto collection last May. Thanos who feat with a Hokage, we will definitely have seen it all.

Beyond being a passion, Zion revealed that Masashi Kishimoto’s work meant a lot to him, and sometimes even helped him through times of uncertainty. Besides, the beast revealed that according to him, 80% of NBA players are addicted to anime. For exemple, the Pels star finds himself a lot in Naruto’s journey, and was inspired by his adventures to try to come back stronger after his white season. Thanos does not hesitate to put certain scenes from the anime into perspective with his current life. For Naruto lovers, the interior notably compared the period of his injury with the arc of Sasuke’s rescue: a lot of pressure put on young shoulders and several difficult decisions to be made.

“It’s a lot of pressure. I could just sit here and explain it, but no one could really feel it the way I did. My foot was broken and I couldn’t magically heal it. It hurts, because I like basketball. But because of that, I felt the hate and pain from people I didn’t know every day, and it started to wear me down. »

Scrutinized from an early age, Zion also gradually understands the importance of those around him. Very grateful to his stepfather who trains and supports him, the Pels star sees in him a kind of mentor and does not hesitate to a new Naruto-esque comparison: “For a while, no one took Naruto seriously. And then he went to train with Jiraiya (Naruto’s mentor, editor’s note.) and came back at 16 stronger than ever […] actually, at 16 all the attention was on me and i thought this was crazy, it happened to naruto and it’s happening to me now. » Recently extended for $193 million over five yearsZion will indeed be eagerly awaited for his return. Unstoppable when he plays, the beast worries more about his physical condition than his talent for the basket ball. Fortunately, the white season he experienced in 2021-22 is now a thing of the past, and the Pels star should soon return to the courts to send big highlights in all directions, always accompanied by the Konoha ninja of course.

There you go, you now know Zion’s secrets to keeping your spirits up. It’s been over a year since his last match, so the opportunity to show off his progress should soon come. The goal for Thanos is clear, to have fun on the court and bring the Pels back to center stage.

Text source: GQ