Zodiacal signs according to the date of birth of the Naruto characters

10- Sakura: Aries

Sakura, born on March 28, grows a lot over the course of the series. In the early days of history, she aligns herself with the more impulsive side of her zodiac sign.

9- Choji: Tauro

There may be no other character in the Naruto series who embodies his zodiac sign as much as Choji. With a birth date of May 1, he was born under the sign of Taurus.


8-Neji and Kiba: Cancer

Neji and Kiba may seem like they have nothing in common, but they both embody the protective side of cancer. Kiba (born July 7) and Neji (born July 3) even both offer to protect the same person in their teens.

Neji y Kiba

7- Sasuke: Leo

With a birthday on July 23, Sasuke is a Leo. Leos are social creatures who love to be the center of attention. That doesn’t exactly fit the guy who doesn’t realize that his peers consider him rivals or doesn’t understand why a girl pays attention to him.


6-Shikamaru e Ino: Virgo

These two teammates are born just one day apart, making Choji the rarest man on Team Asuma. Shikamaru is a day older, with a birth date of September 22, and while he and Ino seem very different, they have more in the Virgo sign than fans might at first think.


5- Naruto: Libra

If fans weren’t sure when the nine-tailed fox attacked Konohagakure in the past, Naruto’s October 10 birthday should give them a hint. Born under the sign of Libra, his life begins when Kurama is used to attack the town.


4-Rock Lee: Sagittarius

Excited and always ready for a challenge, Lee could have been perceived as a Leo. With his date of birth falling on November 27, however, he is a Sagittarius instead.

Rock Lee

3-Hinata: Capricorn

Born at the beginning of the Capricorn season (December 27), she may not seem fit for the zodiac sign that symbolizes ambition. Hinata may not want to be the shinobi in charge of her people, but she certainly doesn’t lack ambition, or a sense of duty, another Capricorn trait. She wants to show her family and herself that she has what it takes to be a shinobi, and she works harder than anyone in her generation to hone her skills and do just that.


2-Shino: Aquarius

Born just 27 days after his partner Hinata, Shino ends up as an Aquarius. He is often a strange man, as the rest of the boys of his generation do not understand him. Shino also has one of the series’ most unique abilities: his bond with insects.


1-Tenten: Pitch

Although fans never learn Tenten’s last name in the series, her birthday is celebrated on March 9. He doesn’t have as much time for stories as the rest of the Konohagakure kids, but audiences learn a lot about his personality from his interactions with his teammates Neji and Lee.

Ten Ten