10 curiosities of Nami from One Piece that you probably do not know

One Piece has introduced us to many amazing characters, both female and male. They have their own physical characteristics and a very defined personality. Eiichiro Oda took longer to find the perfect female lead, but eventually Nami was born. She is a really clever and cunning pirate who steals until Luffy invites her to join his band. Nami refuses because she hates pirates for everything they have made her suffer. But do you know all the Nami’s trivia?

Next we are going to review some incredible character details they are not very well known. The characters created by Oda have a fascinating past, although many times they do not go as deep. Therefore, we do not know Nami’s last name, as well as its real origin. That has not been an impediment to take affection to the character that hides surprising curiosities for One Piece fans.

Did you know in real life it would be swedish? From time to time Eiichiro Oda offers unpublished information about his characters as we collect in the following list. Nami is apparently the weakest character, but the initial plans of its creator were very different. Without further ado, don’t miss the Nami’s trivia that not everyone knows.

Top 10 One Piece Nami Trivia

Here you have the 10 curiosities of Nami, female character of One Piece, more unknown. Surely you have overlooked some of this data, while Eiichiro Oda hides details that only the most observant fans they will have discovered.

Can defeat Zoro and Luffy

Luffy hit by Nami.

A Nami he does not lack character ** (nor good sense). The pirate is down to earth and does not hesitate to scold Luffy for his recklessness. ** Run away from problems and he is not even amused when they offer the first bounties on their heads. On more than one occasion he has shown that can hit Luffy hard or Zoro without them being able to defend themselves. Oda justified this by saying that Nami take a beating on morale and spirit of the companions.

Nothing is known of his last name

nami one piece
Nami’s origin is not very clear.

Unlike other characters, Nami his last name is not known not even its provenance. She was found on a battlefield on an unknown island by Bell-mère, who adopted her as if it were his daughter. It is a really strange case, since the series has delved into the rest of the characters and is known each one’s family. Nami is presented as a young orphan with no parents, although perhaps Oda surprises One Piece fans at some point.

The original design had robotic limbs

Original design by Nami
Original design by Nami.

The original nami design It will not leave you indifferent, since it presents many changes in the character. As you can see, Nami was going to be a great warrior with great strength instead of such a weak character. Oda drew her as a young woman with robotic limbs that allow you to use a huge ax. A lot of scars can also be seen on his body, but all of that was eventually discarded. The character we all know is one of the weakest of the crew and enters little combat.

Has the personalities of two characters prior to Romance Dawn

Ann y Silk de One Piece
Ann and Silk were initial versions of Nami.

Few know this information about the conception of the character. Nami is based on Silk and Ann, two young men from Oda’s pre-Romance Dawn manga. Silk is a very young blonde protector with her people like Nami, but has more leadership skills. Of course, Silk’s past is similar to Nami’s. On the other hand, Ann was the second attempt of Oda, although he stayed on the sidelines in battles. Ann looks similar to Nami, as well as a strong temper and gets angry when Luffy says nonsense.

Nami would be Swedish in real life

nami one piece
Nami upset and screaming.

Eiichiro Oda has a great sense of humor. When fans asked him what nationality his characters would have in real life, he did not hesitate for a second. Nami would be swedish, something that surprised all the fans, while Luffy would be Brazilian and Usopp African for example. Other nationalities are not so surprising because Franky would be american and Chopper a Canadian moose.

Originally she doesn’t steal Alvida

Alvida de One Piece
Luffy faces Alvida.

Although Zoro is the first character to join Luffy, the truth is that Nami appeared before. In the anime there is a filler scene where Nami steals the treasures from the Alvida Pirate ship, but this it never happened in the manga. This is not to say that it appeared later in the manga, since the first volume has a great illustration where many characters are seen, including Nami. Therefore, technically Nami was met before than Roronoa Zoro.

She is the only one who invites someone to the band, besides Luffy

Nami y Chopper
Nami y Chopper.

You already know Luffy’s spontaneity to invite anyone to join your crew. Literally anyone. When he initially sees Brook, it is the first thing he does without knowing him at all. This no other partner does it of the crew, but there is an exception. Nami is not as compulsive as Luffy, although she was the first who invited Chopper to join when his illness cured him. This automatically makes her the only one who invited someone to the band other than Luffy.

Nami loves tangerines more than money, but it’s a pun

Nami next to a tangerine tree
Tangerines are a symbol of prosperity and money.

It’s no secret that Nami loves tangerines. One of the biggest pieces of evidence is that his adoptive mother had many mandarin groves, so it reminds him a lot of her. However, this not all. It should be noted that it is a clever pun of Eiichiro Oda that not everyone knows. In Japanese culture, mandarins (or Natsumikan) they are a symbol of prosperity and wealth, so what Nami loves more than money is more money. Especially is the Mikan mandarin variety, a very popular Japanese citrus.

Nami’s nickname is Dorobō Neko, that’s what women who steal are called in Japan

Nami with money
Nami with a ticket in hand.

Everybody knows that Nami She is known as Thief Cat for his abilities to steal anything. However, this nickname has a very different connotation in Japanese culture. In Japanese it is said Dorobō Neko, a term that is used to speak in general of women who steal money from men.

Oda met his wife dressed in a Nami cosplay

Chiaki Inaba, esposa de Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda met his wife Chiaki Inaba with a Nami cosplay.

Okay, it is not a curiosity of the character itself. But the love story of Eiichiro Oda we love it because the author of One Piece met his wife at Jump Festa in 2002. Chiaki Inaba she wore an amazing Nami cosplay and participated in a live-action show of One Piece as you can see on these lines. And it had to be love at first sight because they both became boyfriends and they got married in 2004, just two years after that first meeting. What do you think of this great story?

Up to here the more unknown curiosities of Nami, one of the most charismatic female characters. One Piece has left incredible moments with Nami as the protagonist, including some of the most emotional scenes. Tell us in the comments: did you know all this information about the red-haired pirate?