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one piecethe famous work of Eiichiro Oda who turns 25, will return this week after a month of hiatus to begin his final arc. If you are a fan of one piece stay here because we are going to tell you 10 curiosities that you may not know. Let’s go there!

10 curiosities of One Piece

1. One Piece has several Records

As you know, One Piece is one of the most famous manga in history and is currently still in publication. Such is its popularity in Japan and around the world that in 2014 he managed to win the Guinness World Record for “comic work with the largest number of published copies of the same series by a single author”, and it is that for that year it had already sold more than 320,866,000 copies since it began to be published in 1997.

But this is not his only record. In 2021 the publisher that is responsible for the publication of One Piece, Shueishaconfirmed that the work broke another record by being the first manga to have more than 500 million copies in circulation worldwide.

Will we see this series break any new records soon?

2. One Piece was planned to last 5 years

Yes, you read that right, One Piece It was going to have an initial duration of 5 years, but as you can see this has not been the case. One Piece has just turned 25 years old and already has more than 1,000 manga and anime chapters.

The truth is that Eiichiro Oda started the series with the idea of ​​finishing it in 5 years but realized that in those 5 years the plot did not even reach 50% of the total work.

3. Sanji was going to be called Naruto

Oda had planned to baptize the Mugiwara cook with the name of Naruto but just the manga of the Konoha ninja began to be very successful and the author of One Piece decided to change the name to Sanji. Do you think it’s a wise change?

4. Many of the characters are based on real pirates

Oda is known to take inspiration from real people such as celebrities for his character designs. A very famous case is that of In the, One Piece villain whose design is based on Eminem. But, apart from being inspired by celebrities, some of the pirate designs are based on real pirates, such as one of the most famous characters in the play, Goal D. Rogerwho is inspired by the British pirate John Jack Rackham.

More curiosities of One Piece!

5. Luffy’s name

Did you know that the name of the protagonist of One Piece comes from an English word? The word in question is lola term that as a verb refers to sailing and as a noun refers to the front of the ship (the bow).

6. Social criticism in the work

One Piece is a work full of criticism of the world we live in. A clear example of this is the Gyojin saga where the author deals with issues such as racism and slavery. There is also quite a bit of criticism of social injustice, governments and even religion. As you progress through the work you will see that the things it tells are not about “simple stories for children”.

7. The death of Gol D. Roger

Roger’s execution scene is based on the pirate’s death Olivier Levasseur. Olivier was a pirate who lived in the 17th century and had a necklace where there was a hidden message with the location of all his treasures. Moments before the execution, he threw the necklace into the audience and shouted that whoever could decipher the message would find all of his treasures. Does it ring a bell?

8. Nami was going to be very different

The truth is that the initial design of our beloved navigator was going to be very different from the one we know now and that is that Nami was going to be a kind of cyborg that I would use a giant ax as a weapon Here we leave you with an image of the initial design, what do you think?

9. The reason Oda started his career as an artist

Do you know what was one of the main reasons why the author of the work decided to become an artist? It might surprise you but Oda said that he wanted to become a manga artist so he wouldn’t have to search and get a job. “real job”. And it looks like she did pretty well.

10. Oda met his wife through a Nami cosplay

In 2002, a One Piece musical was held at the Tokyo Shonen Jump Festa where Chiaki Inaba participated with a Nami cosplay. In that event Oda and Chiaki met and soon after began a relationship.

They are currently married and have two daughters. And as a curious fact, Nami is one of her daughters’ favorite characters.

One Piece is one of the most acclaimed works in the history of manga and I hope it continues to surprise us for many more years with its incredible adventures. Despite the fact that this manga has hundreds of curiosities, we have shown you only 10… Did you know them all? We will leave a few more curiosities for the future!

What do you think? What curiosity has caught your attention the most? Also, if you want to celebrate 25 years of One Piece you can try to enjoy all their games available on Nintendo Switch.