10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains

one piece is a shonen manga series that features a diverse cast of characters, and its diversity won’t let fans forget about it. Heroes and villains abound in this series, given the wide cast.

Heroes are heroes because they protect people in need, even if it means sacrificing their own lives. Instead, the villains engage in criminal activities and other horrible acts to further their goals. The heroes in this series have complex personalities that might be a better fit if they were villains.

10 Nami Has All The Traits Of Being A Villain

As seen previously in the series, Nami may be a better villain. She is not known as Nami the cat burglar for no reason. Before joining the Straw Hats, she survived by stealing gold and money from pirates on her own. She is also the best sailor in the universe one piece.

Fans have seen her dominate the Straw Hats Monster Trio when no one else can. She is beautiful, powerful, bold and cunning character. Her abilities, combined with her survival instincts, make her one of the most formidable villains in the series.

9 Brook had one of the most tragic stories1648720457 652 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Before joining the Straw Hats, Brook was a member of the Rumbar Pirates. All the Rumbar Pirates died of poison. Lost in the dark, only Brook remained alive thanks to the Revive-Revive fruit. Brook is still alive to fulfill his promise to the whale, Laboon, an old friend of his crew.

So if something happens to Laboon, fans could see a villainous Brook. Brook is immortal until natural death, and people fear him because of his terrifying appearance. It would be impressive to see him as a villain in the series, as fans have seen and praised his moments of coldness.

8 Whitebeard, The Strongest Man In The One Piece Verse1648720457 948 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Edward Newgate, popularly known as Whitebeard, would have made a better villain. Even the marines feared him due to his enormous strength, that he could destroy the world. The common people of the world one piece, who did not know Whitebeard, saw him as a villain. There was a worldwide celebration the day Whitebeard died.

Fans loved him because he was kind and fair, but pirates are supposed to be evil, and if he had been portrayed as a villain, it would have been exciting to watch. People feared pirates, and he was the strongest of them, a much-needed villain to the story.

7 Robin Started The Series As A Villain1648720458 487 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Robin, formerly known as Miss Sunday, began the series as a villain. She has a tragic past and the rare ability to decipher Poneglyphs. For this, she is continually persecuted. Her past didn’t allow her to make any friends until she joined the Straw Hats.

She has shown her loyalty to the Straw Hats many times, but it would have made the story interesting if she was still a villain. She has all the traits of a villain: coldness, secrecy, backstory, and special powers. Fans would have loved her character as a villain.

6 Trafalgar D. Law always has something up his sleeve1648720458 986 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

In addition to being the captain of the heart pirates, the former Shichibukai Law has revealed that he is trying to find out the true history of the “Clan D”. He had a tragic past, is a member of the worst generation, and has the power to become a villain.

Trafalgar D. Law aka “Surgeon of Death” is a very skilled tactician and with the help of the Ope Ope no-mi, if he decided to make a run for the One Piece treasure, he would make it difficult for him. to the Straw Hats. He would be one of those villains that fans would love and hate at the same time.

5 Luffy Becomes A Villain After Ace’s Death1648720458 476 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist, is always a charming character, but there came a time when fans saw him more depressed than ever after Ace’s death. The series could have taken a dark turn for Luffy, and he could have become a villain.

Luffy takes everything to the next level, be it friendship or hate. He is a powerful and determined person, he has a great crew behind him and the darkness after Ace’s death would make him an absolute villain. Not all fans would like it, but making Luffy a villain would be an intriguing plot to watch.

4 Gol D. Roger, the pirate king acts like a real pirate1648720458 660 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Roger became the first and only Pirate King so far. He was the one who started the New Pirate Age. Everyone who went to the Grand Line wanted the Pirate King’s treasure, One Piece.

His power was comparable to Whitebeard’s, and all the Marines feared him. The story would have been much more compelling if he had acted like a real pirate instead of a hero. A pirate is a villain, a fearsome and ruthless person. That the Pirate King is so kind and humble makes no sense. He would have been a much better villain than a hero.

3 Zoro Will Become The Strongest Swordsman1648720459 616 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Zoro first appeared in the series as pirate hunter Zoro, a character with a strong personality who refused to work for anyone else. He has a powerful aura that makes him a perfect villain. And instead of becoming a pirate, Zoro hunts down Luffy as a pirate hunter.

Due to his enormous strength, opponents have occasionally mistaken him for the captain of the Straw Hats. Zoro will also become the strongest swordsman by defeating Mihawk. It will be great to see how the world’s strongest swordsman becomes a villain in the story.

2 Ace would have been a perfect antagonist1648720459 356 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Portgas D. Ace, son of the Pirate King and commander of the second division of the Whitebeard pirates, was one of the most popular characters from One Piece.

Being a villain would have piqued the interest of fans of the series, having Luffy being the main protagonist and Ace being the antagonist would have created an intriguing plot for the story. Whitebeard wanted Ace to become the Pirate King, and Ace fighting Luffy for the One Piece treasure would have been awesome to watch.

1 Sanji May Be Germa 66’s Stealth Black1648720459 327 10 One Piece Heroes Who Would Make Better Villains.webp

Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hats, also known as Sanji Blackfoot, has one of the most tragic stories. He is a powerful man, brave, skilled tactician and one of the best strategists in one piece.

There was always a mystery surrounding his past. And when it was revealed, it was found that he was the Prince of the Germa Kingdom. His father wants Germa to rule the world, and if Sanji accepted himself as Germa’s soldier, he would be an absolute beast. The fact that Sanji becomes a villain could cause problems for the Straw Hats in the final race, since he thinks with his brain, unlike Zoro and Luffy.