10 Reasons Why One Piece Is The Best Anime Ever

by Eichiro Oda A play is one of the most popular shonen series in anime history. One Piece the incredible popularity positioned him as part of the previous “Big Three”. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy on his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming the Pirate King.

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As the current holder of the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit, Luffy develops his skills as a rubber man and conquers the pirate seas as the Straw Hat Pirate Captain. A play gained its popularity due to its detailed storyline, exciting characters, and creative settings. Created in 1999, its animation and characters have been developed over the past 2 decades. A play continues to inspire audiences around the world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

ten Specific rules are used throughout the series

Despite the complexities of several scenarios, A play manages to follow the many rules he has put in place. The live card was introduced when Ace gave Luffy a small piece of paper and told him to stick to it without explaining its importance.

Live cards were later explained to hold a person’s life force. A live card moves in the direction of its owner and someone can locate it by using it. In a comical and entertaining demonstration of the power of life cards, Nami used Big Mom’s life card to scare her “buddies” into helping her.

9 Characters have unique personalities and exciting character development

The fans are deeply attached to several A play characters. With the amount of intriguing identities Oda has created, there are plenty of fan favorites. Generally, viewers fall in love with the protagonist and claim him as their favorite character – A play makes this difficult. Audiences admire Zoro’s loyalty, Sanji’s charm, Chopper’s compassion, Robin’s tenderness, Nami’s practicality, Franky’s quirks, and Jinbe’s humility, just as much as they admire the kindness and Luffy’s determination.

Each Straw Hat has an important role to play and strengthens its crew. Apart from the main team, characters like Vivi, Ivonkov, Rayleigh, Boa Hancock, and Shanks have also captured the hearts of fans. Everyone has grown exponentially since the start of the series and it’s exciting to see where they’re going.

8 One Piece has less filler than other anime

one piece filling

Filler episodes are used to slow down the main storyline to give manga artists more time. Although manga artwork is time-consuming, fans would rather wait than be forced to quench their anime thirst with unnecessary storylines. A play should be applauded for its ability to limit the amount of charge produced.

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As an older anime, it’s impressive that A play didn’t follow suit and bombarded his fan base with filler to get more time. Corn A play is not completely devoid of filler, the animated filler coincides with the cover arcs produced in the manga, which focuses on several supporting characters.

7 There is a lot of foreshadowing

A play has an amazing way of giving fans information about important story elements without them knowing. By naming the techniques differently or mentioning them in passing during quick sequences, fans are left unaware of the relevant information they have received that will play a bigger role later.

During Luffy’s fight with Crocodile in Alabasta, Luffy had to fight Crocodile’s Sand-Sand Fruit with liquid. He used his blood which Crocodile mistook for Haki. Fans haven’t been introduced to Haki yet, but he was still around. When Rayleigh taught Luffy Haki, he thought of where he had seen it used before, Amazon Lily and Skypeia.

6 One Piece has several techniques and creative abilities

Luffy eats Devil Fruit

A play introduced several characters throughout its 23-year run. Most of these characters have unique powers or are in possession of a Devil Fruit. With the number of characters created by Oda, granting most of them unique abilities is nothing short of impressive. Once fans became familiar with Haki, they learned that there were different types: Observation, Armor, and Conquerors.

Observation allows the user to sense the presence of others, Amorment gives the user invisible armor, and Conquers Haki allows the user to impress their will on others. If that amazing gift wasn’t enough, there’s also Devil Fruits. Devil fruits are fruits that give a person special abilities once they ingest them. There are countless Devil Fruit users in A play. While some are more powerful than others, it’s always great to see a new user.

5 One Piece continues to stand the test of time

As mentioned above, A play established in 1999. Since then, it has become a phenomenon with fans located all over the world. After being broadcast for more than two decades, A play is even more exciting now than when it started.

As one of the oldest anime to date, A play has kept its fans engaged on an incredible journey with characters they believe in. Over the years, A play just got more entertaining. Fans are now permanently invested. With each plot twist, new Straw Hat member, and long-awaited battle, viewers grow more attached.

4 The World Building of One Piece is exceptional

Wano one piece

the A play world is vast and endless. It is made up of countless islands and villages. Each Straw Hat is from a different island and once they enter the Grand Line, their world becomes even bigger.

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Whole Cake Island, Zoa, Punk Hazard, and Wano exemplify the creativity Oda uses to grow One Piece world Vision. Additionally, the fan base explained how each Straw Hat’s nationality represents the corresponding countries in real life. Luffy is said to be from Brazil, while Ussop is from Africa.

3 One Piece implements important and relevant issues in its storyline

Jinbe donates blood to Luffy

Although the anime iAs an entertainment medium, it’s inspiring to see writers using their platforms to draw attention to real and relevant issues. A play discusses poverty, political corruption, and racism across Marines, Sky Dragons, Royal Families, and Fishmen. Bias is carried through the relationship between fish-people and humans. Fishmen didn’t trust humans.

As a result, they created laws to help limit their interactions. When Luffy was injured on Fishman Island, he needed a blood transfusion. However, sharing blood with a human was forbidden. Jinbe ignored this law and volunteered to donate blood to Luffy. The scene shows Jinbe’s blood leaving his body and flowing towards Luffy in an emotional illustration of dismantling prejudice. As Luffy smiles, a voice announces, “If you hurt someone, or if someone hurts you, the same red blood will flow.”

2 One Piece’s story is brilliantly detailed

Whitebeard Pirates

A play recently celebrated airing its thousandth episode. With two decades of animation under his belt, A play impressed fans with his extraordinary attention to detail. Fans are often surprised at the information they received before realizing its significance. The character of Oden exemplifies the intricacies of Oda’s writing.

After seeing the events leading up to Akazaya Nine’s long-awaited battle against Kaido, fans were amazed and impressed to see that many of the new characters they got to know were still there. Izou left Wano to prevent Oden from joining Whitebeard’s pirate crew. In an ironic turn of events, he ended up staying with Oden and becoming a beloved member aboard the Moby Dick. If fans were to go back and watch Marine Ford’s war, they would see that Izou was also there to beg Ace to return to the ship. It’s one of many examples of how Oda never adds unnecessary detail and ties his storylines together.

1 There are statues dedicated to the Straw Hat Pirates in Japan

One piece figurines

A play is not only a beloved anime, but it is also a cultural phenomenon. Fans of the series visiting or living in Japan will find statues dedicated to characters from the series. There are 10 different statues in Kumamoto, Japan, Oda’s hometown. Rarely do anime fans get to visit a space dedicated to their favorite characters.

There are statues of Luffy, Sanji, Ussop, Chopper, Brook, Franky, Robin, Nami, and Zoro which were last unveiled in January 2022. As the newest member of the Straw Hats, Jinbe’s statue is expected to be unveiled in April 2022. Not only are these statues a vacation destination for fans, but visitors add to the local economy.

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