10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffy’s Best Friend In One Piece

Luffy has consistently shown his ability to make friends. He is especially good at making friends with former enemies. Although some of these friendships are not explored in depth, others have been more prominent and have helped Luffy through difficult situations.

Luffy and Bon Clay’s bond turned out to be of great importance. Formerly known as Mr. 2, Bon Clay’s friendship with Luffy has stood the test of time. Despite being enemies in Alabasta, Bon Clay soon showed how much Luffy’s friendship meant to him and would later prove to be one of the best friends Luffy has ever had.

Spoiler warnings ahead

10 Bon Clay is no longer an enemy

After deciding to meet up with Bon Clay and prepare to fight to get the ship back, it is revealed that Bon Clay did not steal the ship. He told them that he hid the ship to prevent the Marines from finding it as a symbol of his friendship with Luffy.

They may have been old enemies, but he wanted to put his life with Baroque Works behind him. Being a former member of the Baroque Works means that he would probably have been resourceful enough to escape on his account. Instead, he chose to stay and help Luffy.

9 Bon Clay and his team became the Straw Hats1646755407 409 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

Once the crew left Alabasta, they found themselves surrounded by Marines. After clearing a path, Luffy told Bon Clay to move on because his crew needed to head in a different direction. Once Luffy revealed that he had to go back for a friend, Bon Clay was touched by his loyalty and decided to create a diversion.

Bon Clay used his Clone-Clone Fruit to transform himself and his crew into the Straw Hats to get the attention of the Marines. When the Marines realized they had the wrong ship, Bon Clay’s crew attacked the Marines, and Bon Clay appeared to go down with the ship.

8 Bon Clay Danced To Help His Friend1646755407 627 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

Impel Down was one of Luffy’s most difficult missions, mostly because he didn’t have the strength and support of his crew. However, Luffy would soon discover that he was not as alone as he thought.

After parting ways with Luffy to search for an escape, Buggy and Mr. 3 found Bon Clay dancing in his cell. Breaking free and confirming that Luffy was there, not hesitating or thinking of escaping, Bon Clay went to find Luffy for help.

7 Bon Clay Guided Luffy Through Impel Down1646755407 428 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

When Luffy was overwhelmed by the Impel Down guards and the sphinx, Bon Clay arrived to help. At first, Luffy thought he was Zoro, but it was Bon Clay who transformed into Zoro. After Bon Clay helped Luffy take down the guards and the sphinx, they had a happy reunion.

When Luffy told Bon Clay why he wanted to reach level 6, Bon Clay revealed that he also needed to find someone and that he wanted to help Luffy in any way. Bon Clay offered to guide Luffy to the place he wanted to go and warned him of the dangers that awaited him.

6 Bon Clay took a hit from Luffy1646755408 105 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

Luffy and Bon Clay ran into the head guardian Magellan on their way to level 6 in Impel Down. Bon Clay warned Luffy that he was no match for Maggellan’s Venom-Venom Devil Fruit.

He intercepted Luffy’s first punch towards Magellan and took the blow instead to prevent Luffy from fighting Magellan. Bon Clay briefly transformed into Luffy to try and distract Magellan and give Luffy an advantage, but to no avail. Bon Clay feels helpless and scared as he can’t help Luffy to fight.

5 Bon Clay regretted running away1646755408 714 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

After agonizing over leaving Luffy to fight Magellan alone, Bon Clay came up with a plan to become the Vice Headmaster and reach level 5 and find Luffy. Bon Clay is attacked by a pack of fierce winter wolves just after reaching level 5.

Despite being badly injured and covered in blood, Bon Clay made his way through the harsh winter environment of Level 5 to find Luffy. Once he did, he apologized to Luffy for running away and vowed to find a way to cure the poison he received from Magellan.

4 Bon Clay Protected Luffy1646755408 109 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

As Luffy lay unconscious on a stretcher, Bon Clay dragged him from cell to cell to try to locate Ivankov. He knew that Ivankov, the “miracle worker”, could help save Luffy.

When he received the information that led him to the forest, they were attacked by another pack of winter wolves. Although he was tired, injured and frozen, Bon Clay did everything he could to protect Luffy. It looked like Bon Clay was going to lose the fight when one of the wolves bit him, but Luffy used Bon Clay’s Haki to finish off the wolves.

3 Bon Clay Begged For Luffy’s Life1646755408 718 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

After passing out from trying to protect Luffy from the Winter Wolves, Bon Clay woke up in an unknown environment. Regardless of his injuries, Bon Clay’s first concern was to find Luffy and make sure he was alright.

After finding out where he was and finally finding Ivankov, Bon Clay not only demanded to know where Luffy was, but also begged Ivankov to help him. Bon Clay even offered his own life in exchange for Ivankov’s help, no matter what that entailed.

2 Bon Clay Refused To Abandon Luffy1646755409 754 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

Once Ivankov assured Bon Clay that he was starting to treat Luffy, he showed him the room that Luffy was locked in to endure the painful treatment. Bon Clay could barely stand the screams coming out of the room, the thought of Luffy screaming in pain for almost 10 hours straight shattered him. Although Ivankov was sure that Luffy would not survive the treatment, Bon Clay refused to believe it.

Although Bon Clay needed to rest and heal, he stood before Luffy’s door and didn’t move. Bon Clay yelled “Hold on!” and “You have to live!” All night long. There were a few times when Bon Clay fell down, but got back up to continue showing support for him. Ivankov and his people were so touched by this show of friendship that they joined together to cheer Luffy on.

1 Bon Clay Made The Ultimate Sacrifice1646755409 125 10 Times Bon Clay Proved To Be Luffys Best Friend.webp

As Luffy, Jinbe, and other prisoners escape from Impel Down, they are stopped by the Gates of Justice. Jinbe then revealed Bon Clay’s ultimate sacrifice. To ensure Luffy’s escape, Bon Clay stayed behind to transform into a Magellan and trick the guards into opening the Gates of Justice.

Bon Clay made Jinbe promise not to say anything to Luffy until they escaped because he knew that Luffy would try to come back for him. Bon Clay knew that he would be sealing his fate by staying behind, but he did it for his best friend Luffy.