10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult

One Piece was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997 and has since become one of the most popular franchises in shonen history. Despite choosing children as the original demographic, One piece has caught on with older fans for its complex world structure, like-minded characters, and deep themes.

Many of the fans who began their journey in One Piece with the first publication of the manga have become adults and have acquired a wisdom and vision that can only be achieved with development. With their age, these fans have found new ways to appreciate One piece and all the maturity it offers.

10 It is important to keep history alive

The greatest mystery of one piece, perhaps even greater than Gold D. Roger’s treasure, is the disappearance of the Void Century. The Century of the Void is a 100-year stretch in which history has been forgotten.

Historians have scoured the world hoping to uncover the mystery of the Void Century, but it has been covered up by the World Government. Adult fans know how terrifying it can be for an oppressive regime to bury history and education, linking it to real-world leaders who have done the same.

9 Passing The Torch Is An Obvious Honor1646300712 250 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Luffy received his iconic straw hat from fan-favorite Shanks in the first episode. from One Piece . Fans agree that this is a beautiful moment that has become more sentimental over time. The more viewers learn about the story from One Piece, more realize the importance of this straw hat and the weight it has had from one generation to another.

Younger fans can understand what it’s like to be given responsibility, but older fans know how important or difficult it can be to hand over responsibility.

8 Fans feel the weight of tragic stories1646300712 148 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Despite how long it is one piece, continues to find ways to delight fans with complex new characters filled with unique motivations and backstories. Although many of these stories are sad at first glance, more than a handful of them later reveal their true tragedies.

All fans can appreciate Mr. Pink’s general sadness, but for adult fans who know the loss, Mr. Pink’s backstory and motivations hit even harder.

7 Sometimes The Weakest Characters Are The Most Noble1646300712 513 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

The Straw Hat crew is made up of nearly a dozen characters from different backgrounds, countries, and power levels. While fans love Zoro or Sanji for the significant firepower they bring to any fight, some dislike characters like Usopp or Nami as they struggle to add value in the more combat-focused moments of the game. one piece.

Adult fans can understand that there is more to a story than just raw physical strength. Usopp and Nami may not be great fighters, but adult fans appreciate the creativity and brainpower they bring to the Straw Hat crew.

6 Fans understand Doflamingo and Viola’s dark subtext1646300712 933 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Certain aspects of One piece are left unexplained. Even in a series that is willing to tackle complex issues like racism and totalitarianism, there are things that One piece prefer to leave as subtext.

One of the most prominent examples occurs in Dressrosa, when fans receive clues about the violent and abusive relationship between Doflamingo and Viola. It’s a topic not fit for a children’s show, but one that adult fans can pick up and let fuel their hatred for the villain of Dressrosa.

5 World Government Is Terrifying1646300713 41 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Luffy and the Straw Hats have faced various enemies. The World Government is an intimidating and relentless foe, constantly seeking to dismantle the pirate world and silence those who stand in its way.

The World Government is an oppressive regime that has erased a large part of history to maintain its strength. The true gravity of a villain like this may be lost on younger fans, but adults familiar with government and politics know how fearsome an enemy like this can be.

4 There’s More To The Series Other Than Battles1646300713 868 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Unlike many other battle shonen, One piece manages to stand out for its careful deployment of occasional combat. Fans might consider One piece it is an adventure Shonen rather than a battle series, as most of the time is spent exploring new lands rather than fighting new enemies.

While some young fans may find it slow to watch, older fans will hopefully appreciate the storytelling beyond two fighters. Sometimes learning a new culture can be more enriching than watching Luffy win a fight.

3 Learn that character motivations can be complex and interesting1646300713 486 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

Onepiece it has achieved and maintained its popularity for various reasons. Fans love the world building and sense of adventure, but veterans can also appreciate how fantastic the character work is. fromOnePiece. For a series as long and dense as One pieceit’s amazing how often fans continue to meet new and unique characters.

While all fans can appreciate many characters for their quirky personalities and fun energy, adult fans can also appreciate those with deep and complex motivations, like Doflamingo or Fisher Tiger.

2 One Piece doesn’t shy away from tough topics1646300714 304 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

one piece he’s no stranger to tackling complicated real-world topics. One of the most significant examples already appears in the Arlong Park arc, but is further developed on Fishman Island. It would be easy for a children’s anime to ignore serious real-life fighting, but One piece tackles racism with careful grace through Fishman’s fictional race.

Drawing parallels with real-life figures like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, one piece shows a complex understanding of history and social issues that younger fans may not fully appreciate.

1 It’s Nice To Feel Like A Kid Again1646300714 145 10 Ways One Piece Is Better As An Adult.webp

One of the greatest gifts one piece can give adult fans is the ability to feel like a child again. The world is cold and scary. Adult fans know how ruthless real life can be, and that makes the brief escapade into a childhood fantasy all the more appealing.

Although the fans of one piece they love how vibrant and bright this world is, the older fans appreciate it and need it in a way that the younger ones don’t. Traveling with the Straw Hats is not just a once-a-week fun activity, but a vital part of maintaining an adult fan’s inner child.