10 Worst One Piece Things We Can’t Help But Love

Onepiece is one of the longest running anime with a growing fan base. Recently, One piece has reached 1,000 episodes, a huge milestone, and is currently in its 20th season. There are many reasons why fans keep coming back for more, One piece It features interesting story arcs, action-packed fights, and complex characters.

However, the adorable aspects of one piece they can be a double-edged sword for fans. As with any long-running series, a few gaps, endless cutscenes, poor character designs, or frequent hiatus won’t erode fan loyalty. However, there are reasons why some of these things are overlooked and fans carry on their love for one piece.

10 The Different Meaning Of Pirate

Pirates are primarily known as groups of people who would attack and loot any ship or city they came across in search of treasure. The Straw Hat Pirates are the complete opposite. The Straw Hat Pirates usually spend their time saving people and towns, not attacking them. The only ones who attack are the enemies who cause problems for those people and towns.

Sometimes the crew is even rewarded for their efforts with gold and other items without looting. While fans know this crew contradicts official pirate terminology, it’s what makes the Straw Hat Pirates lovable.

9 Where do we go again?1645959877 893 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

One of the constant jokes in OnePi ece is about how long it will take to find the One Piece. The main goal of the Straw Hat Pirates is to help Luffy become the Pirate King, which involves finding the legendary One Piece. While this is the goal and end point of the story, the crew often get sidetracked and get sucked into endless scenarios.

Although fans wonder if the crew will reach their destination, they love these adventures. Through these adventures, the memories made during their journey, and the world building that takes place, fans have the opportunity to see some of their favorite characters grow up.

8 One Tablespoon of Stuffing Arches1645959877 563 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Filler arcs have been a regular thing in anime for many years and One piece is not an exception. Although many fans believe that filler arcs are unnecessary, boring, and do not serve the story, One piece has shown that this is not always the case.

There are a total of 15 filler arches in one piece, some of which are set-up arcs for the movies and some of which are side stories. Many fans enjoy filler arcs because of the interesting story that unfolds and the chance to see their favorite characters in unusual settings and fights.

7 similar stories or plots1645959878 796 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Repetition can become a problem in a long-running series, especially in anime that often use a specifically formulated plot line. one piece is no stranger to this. The typical story arc pattern is that one of the crew members does something they shouldn’t, someone/the enemy finds out, they get pulled into a situation, and then Luffy saves the day.

TODespite this formula, One Piece he manages to find a way to make each story arc unique. Occasionally, the creators of One Piece have shown that they are not afraid to mix things up. Fans can have a hunch about what’s going to happen next, but it’s never exactly what they think.

6 Characters Who Seem To Cheat Death Multiple Times1645959878 51 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

The concept of death in one piece is relatively unclear compared to other anime. Typically, fans can follow a fight scene and learn which characters have died before it’s confirmed. This is not the case of One Piece , where death is mostly a guessing game. Fans can see a character take multiple hits from a weapon and live. However, it is possible for another character to take a single hit from a weapon and die.

one piece tends to keep fans on their toes by changing them. On these occasions, the character who has received several hits does not get it, which seems more logical. Although this inconsistency can be annoying, fans enjoy the unpredictability, even if it means enduring the emotional anguish of seeing a character go too soon.

5 Referring to events fans don’t fully remember1645959878 810 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Occasionally, animes touch on cases from an earlier point in the series. when one piece does this, the time gap between a past and current event can be so extreme that it strains the public’s memory. Fans may wonder if the past event took place in One piece.

Despite what may happen, fans enjoy these references because of how well they one piece can connect a global story. It can also become an endearing moment when a current character bonds with one from the past, a nice touch for fans’ nostalgia.

4 Zoro is always lost1645959878 307 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Many fans will agree that Zoro is one of the best swordsmen around, but he has some serious issues with directions. Even after being given a map, clear directions, or even a straight path, Zoro will find a way to get lost.

Although this trait of Zoro seems redundant at times, it is not exaggerated as much as that of other characters. He suits the trope well of arriving at just the right moment to start inflicting pain on the enemy or to save a crew member.

3 Sanji’s love trait is overused1645959878 319 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

If there’s one thing fans and crew can be sure of, it’s that no woman is safe from Sanji’s flirtatious whims. Many fans feel that this character trait is overused and can sometimes get in the way of the narrative. There have been times when the crew got into a dangerous situation because Sanji couldn’t control himself, or a series of nosebleeds caused him to pass out.

However, fans can overlook Sanji’s puppy love tendencies because he can sense when a woman is in danger and has the courteous manners to do whatever it takes to protect someone.

2 Usopp Is A Compulsive Liar1645959879 676 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Usopp’s character has grown a lot throughout OnePiece. However, a part of his personality keeps showing up like clockwork: he compulsively lies whenever he is too afraid to embark on a new mission, fight a new enemy, or face any situation that might seem too dangerous.

Although this quality of Usopp’s can be annoying at times, it has been known to elicit some unexpected laughs and even save the crew from some close calls. There have even been times when Usopp’s lies have put him in danger to protect the crew, which has caused this quality to be redeemed by fans.

1 Luffy Is An Always Chaotic Captain1645959879 876 10 Worst One Piece Things We Cant Help But Love.webp

Luffy, the captain and main protagonist, has a real knack for trouble. He is known for repeating mistakes, recklessly jumping into situations, and drawing attention. The crew and fans are frequently annoyed by some of his antics. Despite his lack of common sense and his inability to think things through, those same annoyances are part of Luffy’s lovable personality.

Luffy has an unwavering loyalty to his friends, both old and new, and will never hesitate to put himself on the line for them. No matter who he must fight or antagonize, Luffy will be there without a second thought to protect the friends from him.