11 One Piece games that you probably didn’t know: from its debut in WonderSwan to its passage through Virtual Reality

The numbers you handle one piece They have never been normal: Luffy and his gang of pirates have experienced the thrill of adventure and countless battles in more than 100 volumes printed on half the planet, 15 feature films released on the big screen and more than a thousand animated episodes. In terms of video games: 56 titles to date not counting cameos and collaborations. Since One Piece: Become the Pirate King! a One Piece Odyssey But it has rained a lot, but did you know that the first of them took place in the hilarious WonderSwan?

The franchise of one pieceits colorful protagonists and its overwhelming popularity have always driven the creation of all kinds of video games, including a series of its own sagas, to be highlighted One Piece: Grand Battle!, One Piece Unlimited and the four deliveries of One Piece: Pirate Warriors. But long before Luffy filled the screens with smacks following the formulas of Dimps and Omega Force, the not so well-known Soft Machine made him debut on a portable console betting on black and white tactical strategy.

Past, present and future of the Straw Hats in video games

Eiichiro Oda’s work is experiencing a moment of high and well-deserved popularity. The manga and the anime are going through key moments full of revelations -which we will not detail here- and the film One Piece: Red gets fans out of movie theaters excited. Uta, the new song superstar created for the movie, is pure charisma.

And watch what is to come: One Piece Odyssey points ways and we are sure that we will continue to see new video games on consoles, PCs and mobiles. But before celebrating everything that already exists and is yet to come, it is worth taking a look at those games that, for one reason or another, They don’t deserve to be forgotten.

Precisely for this reason, in Extra Life we have gathered you more than a dozen video games of One PieceAnd that you probably didn’t know. Some never left Japan, others failed to make the desired noise and more than one had its big moment and, due to various circumstances, ended up overshadowed by any of the three great One Piece game sagas or any incursion of Luffy, Nami, Zoro and others on consoles and PCs.

Our starting point? Monkey D. Luffy’s debut in video games. As it should be!

One Piece: Become the Pirate King!

  • Released: 2000, at WonderSwan
  • Developer: Soft Machine

The first One Piece game! Soft Machine took the cat to the water with Become the Pirate King! on Bandai’s black and white laptop, slightly anticipating Luffy’s forays into Game Boy Color and the first PlayStation with a simple but interesting commitment to tactical strategy.

The premise: place some tokens that established routes and directions on boards, both to move around the map and to fight against the machine. But the thing does not end there: One Piece: Become the Pirate King! offered multiplayer thanks to the features of the WonderSwan.

One Piece: Treasure Wars and Treasure Wars 2

  • Launched: 2001, at WonderSwan
  • Developer: Bandai

The phenomenon of one piece it exploded after the turn of the millennium in Japan and all the systems of all the companies adapted the anime in a thousand ways from 2021. Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew! It was the first of the Game Boy Color games, but it was also published on Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation, PS2… Now, the WonderSwan still had adventures to come.

One Piece: Treasure Wars Y Treasure Wars 2 They opted to offer that classic version of the Game of the Goose starring charismatic manganime heroes. Of course, it must be admitted that despite not surprising in originality, Bandai knew how to fill the game with humor and protagonists full of expressiveness. Two little treasures for fans of Oda’s work.

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

  • Release: 2020, on iOS and Android
  • Developer: Bandai Namco

Classic puzzles, Emojis and the crew of the Thousand Sunny are combined in One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!. A simple mobile game in which the premise was to connect three similar icons and which was active on mobile devices until April 2022.

One Piece: Ocean’s Dream!

screenshot 896

  • Released: 2003, on PlayStation
  • Developer: Bandai / 8ing and Q Entertainment

One Piece: Ocean’s Dream! It could not be missing from our list for many reasons, although the most important of them is not its RPG approach, but how several of the premises of the video game itself ended up finding their way to the anime series as one of the arcs used “filler“. And it doesn’t end there: a couple of years later he will have a sort of comprehensive review for Game Boy Advance entitled One Piece: Dragon Dream! Almost nothing.

One Piece: Going Baseball

  • Released: 2003, on Game Boy Advance
  • Developer: Bandai

If we are going to focus on the least known or strangest experiences, there is a title that is a must: One Piece: Going Baseball puts all the characters of Eiichiro Oda’s manganime to play Baseball. Simple, of course, but a rarity in video games.

There are lots of elements to highlight in this madness, but if we have to keep one, it is the pampering with the pixel art during batting. Both in the portraits and their expressiveness and in the sprites used during the game. A game made by pure fanservice.

One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense


  • Released: 2013, on iOS and Android
  • Developer: Bandai Namco

There was a stage in the recent history of video games in which everyone wanted to bet very heavily on the formula of the Tower Defense, and Bandai Namco almost had no time to find an excuse to make one starring the straw hats for mobile devices.

One Piece Straw Wars Pirate Defense it was active for just over two years until its servers were shut down. Enough time to put over 100 characters from manga and anime in the game proposal (the vast majority of enemies that could not be controlled) and five batches of content that ranged from the start of the adventure to the entry into the New World.

Fighting for One Piece

  • Release: 2005, on PS2
  • Developer: Flat Out

one piece and action and fighting games have a huge and well-known track record. Perhaps, in our quest to recover not so well-known games, we have made a fool of ourselves, but it was a matter of time before we found an especially unique rarity that deserves special treatment: Fighting for One Piece.

Developed by Flat-Out for PS2, Fighting for One Piece bet on combats that are not very fluid but very crazy: the three-dimensional models of the protagonists and their attacks are detailed for the time, varied in terms of resources and unpredictable, although the rhythm of the combats always played against them.

ONE PIECE Run, Chopper, Run!

  • Released: 2015, on iOS and Android
  • Developer: Bandai Namco

ONE PIECE Run, Chopper, Run! is not the first video game starring little Chopper: in Chopper’s Big Adventure For WonderSwan, the smallest of the crew had his first moment of glory in video games while the rest of the Straw Hats were transformed into animals. However, it was the last to be released globally.

Moreover, if you thought that its mobile runner premise did not contribute much, you may be interested to know that it is even a sequel to One Piece: Running Chopper. All in all, the abilities to transform the character gave him a little personality, although not enough so that a year after its premiere the servers were closed. A seen and not seen.

One Piece: Pirates Carnival

  • Released: 2005, on PS2 and GameCube
  • Developer: Bandai / hand

can you imagine a mario party starring Luffy and company? Bandai and hand had it very clear in 2005 and even shaped it with One Piece: Pirates Carnival for PS2 and GameCube. Dozens of mini-games and tons of characters for one of those titles that inevitably reminds us of the blessed days of couch multiplayer.

One Piece Grand Cruise

  • Release: 2018, on PlayStation VR
  • Developer: Bandai Namco

Have you ever dreamed of enlisting on the Thousand Sunny? That premise is, broadly speaking, the raison d’être of One Piece Grand Cruise: developed for PlayStation VR, this is the first Virtual Reality game based on a manganime whose idea is to fully integrate us into the daily life of the Straw Hat pirates: we can go to the kitchen to see what’s cooking, talk to the crew or take part in an interactive adventure.

One Piece Grand Cruise It is a video game that gives exactly what the player is promised and allows us to interact with the protagonists of One Piece like no other experience, although in many aspects it did not manage to eclipse the formulas of action and the MUSOU based on Oda’s work.

One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

  • Release: 2016, on Nintendo 3DS
  • Developer: Arc System Works

Prior to dragon ball fighter zthe legendary Arc System Works made a dream collaboration with Bandai Namco and the JUMP: One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum It gave the Straw Hat Pirates a superb fighting game for Nintendo 3DS packed with classic action and personality all its own. However, the most revolutionary thing was that it could connect with Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden.

The premise is simple: two players could combine the contents of their cartridges when playing wirelessly on the Nintendo handheld. Crazy, but also a real genius when it comes to merging two universes full of powerful fighters and iconic moments.