3 manga to read urgently if you like One Piece

The best-selling manga in history, One Piece always attracts more readers. If the world of piracy fascinates you, you will also love these 3 manga.

Ah, the world of pirates. The epic breath of adventure, the quest for freedom, the fight against the authorities, and above all the lure of profit. It is this theme that inspired Eiichiro Oda in the development characters from One Piecehis masterpiece.

One Piece, a worldwide success

With over 500 million units soldthe manga started in 1997 which extends over a hundred volumes has largely contributed to the success met by manga, in France and around the world.

Like Goku or Naruto, the protagonist Luffy became a pop-culture icon in her own right. So much so that the adventures of the future king of the pirates will be the subject of a live-action series in live action on Netflix. The VOD platform has moreover committed a record budget to succeed.

In the meantime, the publication of the manga follows its course and the captain of thestraw hat crew is a little closer to One Piece, the famous treasure coveted by pirates around the world.

3 adventure manga about pirates to discover

From the imagination of Rei Hiroe, Black Lagoon is a manga set in the 1990s, in the crime-ridden seas of Southeast Asia. As such, it is one of the best seine about the world of gangsters.

Events quickly take an ominous turn when protagonist Rokuro Okajima’s boat is taken hostage by a gang of pirates. Believing that he can be saved by his bosses, he is finally abandoned and forced to live with his jailers. A shrewd negotiator and strategist, he stands out from the crew of the Black Lagoon (and in particular the incredible Revy) by his adamant refusal to use weapons.

Carried by its characters, all as endearing as each other, the manga impresses with its incredible atmosphere, which plunges us directly into the harshness of mafia circles. The mix between action and reflection scenes is well calibrated, and the drawing is impeccable.

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Let’s navigate the field of shōnen nekketsuwith a manga that suffered from the competition of One Piece while keeping a high esteem among connoisseurs: Full Ahead! coconut.

Written and drawn by Hideyuki Yonehara, it tells the story of coconutan 8-year-old orphan taken in by the Captain Bart, aka “Crazy Bart”, within the crew of the Sweet Madonna. Their hope: to elucidate the legend of Falcon, a ancient vanished civilization harboring wealth.

If you love Oda’s work, you’ll love this one too. The universe shines with its coherence, the fights are perfectly legible and humor is on point. A little pearl that definitely deserves to be in your possession.

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Before One Piecethere have been Captain Harlock. Popularized in the 1980s thanks to the broadcast of the animated series, the work mixing adventure and science fiction was one of the first to feature space pirates.

Faced with the invasion of the warrior Sylvidre people, decadent and corrupt Humanity is helpless in the face of the various threats that await it. Led by its illustrious captain, the crew of the Arcadia is one of the only hopes of saving Earth.

Available in 10 volumes, Harlock SSX Dimension Voyage is a reboot of the original adventures of the charismatic Captain Harlock. If he takes some liberties with the original manga, the structure is definitely the same, since Leiji Matsumoto is still part of the storyline.

An epic adventure to savor, if you haven’t already.

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