3 One Piece Characters You Hated When You Met But Ended Up Loving

One Piece is a manganime with an unmistakable style of its own, characters of great stories and an immense mystery to discover. The fans live Luffy’s adventures at the same time as their protagonists and that allows them to empathize with them in an incredible way. So it’s easy hating characters from the start, but change your mind later. Many characters evolve in a positive way and we end up becoming fond of their actions.

Today we choose 5 One Piece Characters You Possibly Hated in his first appearances, but time has given him a second chance to enter your heart. And watch out because some of them are the baddest villains in One Piece.


Hachi and Camie
Camie asked for help to rescue her friend Hachi.

He is one of the best examples of a character that you hated, but then you have grown fond of him. And a lot. The first time we met Hachi belonged to the Arlong Pirates, a crew that kept Nami coerced into getting treasures. It was a very tough story with a happy ending in which Hachi fought Zoro with his many tentacles. Hachi meant all that Nami suffered for and in the Duval Pirates arc the Straw Hats helped the mermaid Camie to rescue her friend. They later found out that it was Hachi and that he had changed a lot, eventually fighting alongside Luffy and the others. When he was injured, the viewer discovers that he already adore that fishman.


Perona helped Zoro get back to Sabaody.

This gothic-designed character was the jarring note of the Thriller Bark arc. In this island-shaped ship, all are zombies created by Gecko Moria except Perona. The Ghost Princess soon demonstrates her skills to sink morale with its negative ghosts. Everyone except Usopp who is pessimistic by nature, so they don’t affect him. When things get complicated in Thriller Bark, Kuma sends him to Kuraigana Island where later will heal zoro who is injured. Later he will help him to return to his nakamas and fight with them against Sebastian.


Franky stole all of their treasure, but it eventually became their nakama.

Now you won’t remember, but Franky confronted Luffy and it caused them a lot of trouble. In the Water 7 arc, Franky’s gang steals 200 million berries from them, all the treasure they had accumulated on their journey and the only money they have to repair Merry’s Soul. They also leave very badly injured Usopp, so Luffy takes revenge at his hand and destroys his lair. Franky faced Luffy for this reason and kidnapped Usopp on the ship. It is at that moment when Franqky begins to show his most sentimental side and help Usopp repair Merry’s Soul. It will take longer to win the friendship of the other pirates, as well as the affection of the fans.