4 Reasons Anime Watchers Should Read The Manga (and 4 Reasons They Don’t)

One Piece anime watchers have passionate reasons why they read or don’t read the manga. Most of them will vigorously defend their point of view. This article dives into some of the arguments made by them.

Eiichiro Oda started as a manga series for Shonen Jump in 1997. Two years later, Toei Animation released it in color. 25 years later, One Piece fans have many ways to enjoy the series.

Unfortunately, Luffy’s Adventures will be put on hold for the anime, at least for now. Toei Animation’s servers were recently hacked, so fans will have to wait a bit.

One Piece anime watchers should read the manga because

4) The anime takes a long time to catch up

The pacing issues and filler arcs stretch the anime more than they should. The video above is another example of why it can be frustrating to watch. Luffy’s fight scenes are regularly extended with random stills and crowd reaction shots.

In comparison, manga readers can pass through the panels. They can also read at their own pace. Only animated observers have to walk through several scenes without much happening.

3) Power scaling can be ruined sometimes

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When Luffy fought Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc, the anime was very different from the manga.

Luffy’s King Kong Gun completely overpowered Doflamingo’s God Thread in the manga. However, the anime made it a dead end before Luffy prevailed by willpower. For some reason, the anime makes Luffy look weaker than his manga counterpart.

Powerscalers won’t appreciate these major differences.

2) Current manga events have major hype behind them

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This article won’t spoil anything for anime watchers only. However, it must be said that the hype levels are through the roof. The Onigashima Raid is right up there with Marineford in chaos and destruction.

Now is a good time to see what’s up with the manga. These are very exciting times for readers.

1) It’s too easy to get spoiled by manga readers

Without saying too much, the latest chapters have been trending all over the world. It will become more and more difficult for anime-only watchers not to be spoiled by social media. Even places like YouTube aren’t safe, especially with spoiler thumbnails in the sidebar.

The Reddit post above is the perfect example of why this is a problem. Someone managed to get spoiled on a standardized test subreddit.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that manga readers will most likely spoil it for anime watchers only. One Piece is a top-notch series, which means even a vocal minority can make their voices heard. It’s better to catch up on the manga now than to be surprised later.

Why One Piece Anime Watchers Don’t Want To Read The Manga

4) Anime is a more colorful experience

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One Piece has several beautiful locations, but they are best enjoyed in color. The anime shows everything in incredible detail. From gradient skies to natural landscapes, One Piece is visually charming.

Something like Water 7 can’t be cherished without seeing it at sunset. The manga cannot reproduce the same feelings of the anime.

3) Manga panels may have too much going on

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The One Piece manga is considered a masterpiece of storytelling. However, there are times when a lot of things can happen at the same time.

Eiichiro Oda is not a highly technical artist like Kentaro Miura or Yusuke Murata. Sometimes his art can blend into the background, especially if there are too many characters. Marineford and Wano Country are particularly culprits.

One Piece anime uses bright and vibrant colors which makes it easier to see.

2) Dubbing adds more expression

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Manga is primarily a visual experience, which means readers have to make up the sounds in their heads. Meanwhile, the Japanese voice acting fully captures the emotional intensity of particular scenes.

When Luffy first met Kaido in Wano, fans could feel the strength and conviction in Mayumi Tanaka’s voice. Anime watchers fully believed him when Luffy declared that he would become the Pirate King.

A great voice acting can bring out the best in anime. One Piece is no different in this regard. At no point do any of the voice actors let go. They gave everything from silent conversations to shouting names of attacks.

1) Anime has legendary soundtrack

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Undoubtedly, One Piece’s soundtrack is one of the main reasons why fans love anime. Whether it’s the memorable openings or the background music, it sets the very tone of the series. These songs immediately excite the fans. Just recently, the catchy sound effect has become a viral trend for TikTok.

In contrast, the manga has no music to accompany the scenes. For anime watchers only, it wouldn’t be the same.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the author.

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