5 anecdotes that will make you see One Piece differently

The longevity of One Piece allows him to have more surprising anecdotes than the others. Five of them are deciphered in this article.

In 24 years of publication, One Piece is filled with many small details and secrets. The editors of Serieously have listed five of them below.

The crew shouldn’t have looked like this!

© Shueisha

Luffy’s crew was designed two years before the manga was released. One Piece. The final version that we know is quite different from the first sketches of Eiichiro Oda. For example, the character of Nico Robin did not exist. His predecessor was a botanist with an air of Franky. Chopper also had a divergent appearance. He looked like a large bipedal reindeer, a far cry from his cute design. Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Sanji were already similar to their first appearance.

Brook in Buggy the Clown’s crew?



As surprising as it may seem, Brook was considered to be a member of Buggy the Clown’s crew. The character, already in the form of a skeleton, had to have a menacing appearance. He finally appeared for the first time in chapter 442 of One Pieceas a skeleton gentleman with an afro cut!

The strange mustache of Gol D. Roger



The Pirate King Gol D. Roger has several characteristics that distinguish him from other characters, such as his red coat, his piercing eyes or his famous smile. The eminent pirate also has a more than visible anatomical element: his mustache! Originally, the latter consisted of nose hairs. The concept was eventually scrapped due to Gol D. Roger’s prominent place in the story.

Sanji’s name



Originally, Sanji was to be called Naruto in One Piece ! This name means “whirlpool” in Japanese. This thus alludes to her spiraling eyebrows. The idea was eventually scrapped due to the release of Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, naruto.

The pirate Lacuba



During the Sabaody arc in One Piece, the Mugiwaras attend a scandalous auction. For example, human beings are sold there. One of them is a pirate named Lacuba. In order to escape his condition as a slave, the latter cut his tongue with his teeth, to the point of bleeding on stage. Sanji then pointed out that he would rather die in the auction room than experience a miserable life. In fact, it is explained in the One Piece Green Secret Pieces that he is still alive! His tongue, however, has shrunk.