5 things to know before the premiere of ‘One Piece Film Red’ at Cinemex and Cinépolis

The premiere of ‘One Piece Film Red’ is just around the corner and with it the Straw Hat Pirates will invade Cinépolis and Cinemex theaters, so we’ll give you a quick guide so you can experience this new installment like nobody else.

We are one week away from the premiere of One Piece Film Red, a film based on the manga and anime by Eiichiro Oda. This will bring from the maritime horizon the Straw Hat Pirates, who set their sights on the theaters of Cinépolis and Cinemex, For this reason, we are going to give you a quick and precise guide on the five points that you must take into account before seeing this film that, in theory… Is it outside the canon of one piece?

Who is Utah?

Of course you won’t find any spoilers about One Piece Film Red, however, you should keep in mind that as the trailer shows, Uta will be a vital character for this new film, but who is she?

The only thing we will tell you is the following: Uta is a very famous singer who is about to give her first concert, something that the whole world will not let go, much less Luffy and company. His fame and talent attract all kinds of pirates and at this point, things will get complicated, because nobody is what they really say they are.

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The Return of Eiichiro Oda

The great Eiichiro Oda is back and in addition to doing the final character designs (which is great on its own), his credit as producer and production supervisor was also confirmed, something we haven’t seen since One Piece Film: Strong World. Of course, the story did not pass through his eyes, but hey, the visual bet promises to be a complete delight.

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The script comes from Tsutomu Koroiwa

It’s okay if you suddenly don’t know who Tsutomu Koroiwa is, it always happens. This is the same scriptwriter of One Piece Film: Gold and One Piece: Heart of Goldso he has the necessary experience to be in charge of building one of the most important pillars of this film. we already saw One Piece Red Film and we must assure you that the story reaches an epic point like few others. Get ready!

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Is One ‘Piece Film Red’ canon?

Let’s see, this is a topic -as always- controversial and that, on many occasions, generates controversy. In the case of One Piece Film Redit’s not canon, but it really is a topic that for older fans is something that should not surprise themas it is well known that the One Piece movies and specials take separate paths to the anime or manga canon.

Let’s say they are little adventures of Luffy in the inter of the original production. But let’s say that you are perforce looking for an answer about the timeline in which this film takes place. If this is the case, you should know that One Piece Film Red could be located before the Wano Arc.

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Will the film be dubbed into Spanish?

If you live in Mexico you should know that the offer in which you can find functions of One Piece Film Red they are spacious. Yes, it will be available dubbed into Latin Spanish, but if you are looking for an experience attached to its origin, there will also be features in Japanese with subtitles. Although this is not all, it will also be possible to find projections in 4D rooms, also in Spanish.

Now you know! One Piece Film Red promises to be one of the great animated premieres to close the year, especially with the names behind the production that support the animation, character story, and of course, epic battles. Don’t forget that you can now get tickets for Cinépolis and Cinemex, You just have to click on this link and that’s itit only remains to get a straw hat for the adventure.