7 unsolved mysteries in One Piece

One of the wonders that the One Piece anime presents is its universe. And it is that this world created by Eiichiro Oda has a hundred fascinating details, and not only that, it also presents a series of mysteries that to this day leaves his followers thinking.

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Clearly a lot of these secrets have come to light throughout the animeHowever, there is still a fairly large list of unsolved mysteries in One Piece.

These are some of the unsolved mysteries of One Piece

If you want to know what they are, do not detach yourself from your screen, since then we will reveal the 7 most outstanding mysteries of The Straw Hat Pirates. Go for it!

1. Blackbeard’s Foreign Body

Blackbeard It is considered within the saga One Piece, one of the most feared pirates of all time, this is particularly the case because you have ingested more than once the Devil Fruit. A feat that only he has been able to achieve, since on other occasions those who have tried to eat it at least twice, have failed in the attempt getting death.

Blackbeard has eaten the Devil Fruit twice

This is truly one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in One Piece. And who has not wondered, what is all this due to? Some characters within the plot have tried to give a logical explanation to the matter, such is the case of Marco The Phoenix, who implied that it had something to do with his “unnatural” body type.

2. Mariejois’s giant straw hat

Mariejois It is one of the cities that is in the universe of One Piece, and for a long time it went unnoticed, both for the protagonists and for the followers of the anime. But nevertheless, this city became very popular when meeting a giant straw hat.

The Giant Straw Hat By Mariejois

The strange giant straw hat similar to the one Luffy wears

And it all started when a also somewhat mysterious character from One Piece and whose name is Im, one day entered a cryogenic room and found a hat similar to the one currently worn by Monkey D. Luffy in his adventures, the only difference is that this one was much bigger. Rumors claim that belonged to a giant from the time of the Old Kingdom.

3. The source of the Devil’s Fruits

One of the most attractive things it offers One Piece son Devil Fruits, these particular fruits have the ability to give you incredible powers After consuming them, however, depending on the type of fruit, your destination may be flattering or discouraging.

The Devil Fruit Fountain

Do you know the real origin of Las Frutas del Diablo?

To date, the true origin of these fruits they are still another of the greats unsolved mysteries of One Piece, since despite its great popularity in the universe of The Straw Hat Pirates, no one knows where they come from. Most of them are available in the Grand Line ocean current.

4. The events of the Void Century

The Empty Century They were 100 years unknown for the world between the years 800 and 900, long before the current events that he lives One Piece. Now, the great mystery lies in, what happened during that period of time?

The Events of the Empty Century

Something very strange could happen in the Void Century

The truth is that there is no person descended from the time that I manage to explain what happened on that date. In addition, the World Government has completely any type of investigation is prohibited referring to Ancient kingdom.

5. What is the One Piece?

One of the biggest mysteries of the series is, What is One Piece?. The One Piece It is presented from the beginning of the saga as the great treasure that many talk about, but very few know what it is about.

What is One Piece

We all want to know what the One Piece

What really is the One Piece, you can only know when Luffymain protagonist of adventures on the high seas – I managed to get to the isla Laugh Tale “Final Island”. At the moment the story seems to focus on the all-important arco de Wano.

6. How powerful are the Gorosei?

The heads of the World Government son The Five Elders (Gorosei), who have the power to rule the whole world In the universe One Piece. And the supreme authority among all the bosses and who even sits on the Empty Throne is Im.

How powerful are the Gorosei

The Five Elders rule the world led by Im

That’s how it is, Im, the same mysterious character who found the giant straw hat. The authority that these heads of the World Government – _ whose name is unknown_ – is so high, that they pass over the Marines, Cipher Pol and The Seven Warriors of the Sea.

7. Florian’s Triangle

There is mysterious stretch within One Piece known as The Florian Triangle (Demon Triangle Zone). It must be crossed from Water 7 to Fishman Island, however, a dark cloud covers sunlight and many things have happened during the journey of some of the crew.

Florian's triangle

Florian’s Triangle has a list of missing crew members

Some claim that there are enchanted ships that the boats are taken or disappear, that is, every year people disappear and there is no explanation whatsoever for what happened. Of course, this would be another of the great unsolved mysteries in One Piece.

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