“A giant Battle Royale”, the author of One Piece promises a bloodbath for 2023

news culture “A giant Battle Royale”, the author of One Piece promises a bloodbath for 2023

On the occasion of Jump Festa 2023, Eiichiro Oda delivered his usual message regarding the future of One Piece. Like every year, these statements will stir up the hype of many fans around the world.

A “giant Battle Royale”

As at the end of each year, the publisher Shueisha, responsible for quite a few successful shonen of the past 40 years, is organizing a major announcement showcase for its flagship licenses: the Jump Festa. Among them are One Piece and Eiichiro Oda reveals information in his annual message. In particular, he summarizes the major points of the year 2022: the film One Piece Red and the end of the Wano Arc. Then, he mentioned the related projects around the work which should arrive in the coming months: the game One Piece Odyssey and the One Piece live-action series.

In the final lines, he takes the opportunity to talk about the future of manga. In these few sentences, Eiichiro Oda declares this in a message translated into English by the Library of Ohara media:

Finally, for the future of One Piece, let’s go! Will this character and this other one fight?! This kind of story is the type of question you should expect. If I had to name what is going to happen, it would be “a giant Battle Royale”! I hope no one will die!! – Eiichiro Oda

One Piece, soon the end?

Since the summer of 2022 and the end of the Wano Arc, One Piece has officially entered its final phase. So, rest assured, the manga is not ready to end. At least that is what the author of the work implies. According to him, fans need not be impatient, because there is still a little way to go for this story that began in July 1997:

This long history has already lasted for more than 25 years. Recently, I have noticed that young readers are increasing in number and that makes me happy. I know I often talk about the final saga, but don’t worry, it won’t end as soon as I lead you to believe. For once, I consider that you should read the work calmly and settle down comfortably. – Eiichiro Oda

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