A mass phenomenon called “One Piece Film: Red”

More than 16 million euros. That’s what he raised only in japan, “One Piece Film: Red”last foray into the cinema of Luffy and the gang of straw hat pirates. At this point -with more than 1,000 anime episodes already issued – and converted the franchise into the japanese animation gold standard, few are oblivious to what the saga means to millions of fans around the world, but there are those who dare to try to explain it: «One always hopes that their projects work well, but the reception could not have been better. It’s important because reinforces our faith in the franchise and, in addition, he tells us about the renewal among the fans. Now, almost anyone, in almost any part of the world, has access to everything that has been done around the series, ”he declares to LA RAZÓN goro taniguchidirector of the new film and guardian of the essences of the universe created by the master Eiichiro Oda.