A One Piece cosplay makes Franky’s impossible body real

Although Franky, from One Piece, is very difficult to represent due to his huge robotic arms, a cosplayer has made it come true

The “Cyborg” Shipowner Frankie turned into something larger than life in an eye-catching cosplay from one piece on the Momocon from Atlanta, Ga. Franky himself would admire the craftsmanship that has gone into sculpting and wearing this undeniably impressive cosplay.

Usually held in March or May in Georgia, Momocon is a fan convention that has become a bastion for all things comics, games, manga, and anime. Although there are hundreds of brilliant cosplays at Momocon, Franky, from One Piece, is undoubtedly one of the most difficult to bring to reality. In the manga, Franky’s shoulder balls are nearly twice the size of his own torso, making them especially difficult to emulate in real life.

The cosplay in question was shared on Reddit by the cosplayer Zionox-. Despite the daunting magnitude of Franky’s build and stature, this cosplayer was in charge of recreating all possible details and volume. His cosplay perfectly captures the exaggerated nature of Franky’s cybernetic body, sparing nothing to fully represent his gigantic robot arms.

In the One Piece series, Franky’s arms are not just an ornament. Franky possesses extraordinary strength with these powerful mechanical limbs, housing a pair of normal human-sized robotic arms within them for when a little trickery is required.

Even within the world of One Piece, Franky’s very existence is an oddity among the myriad of other fantastical humans. During the interval of time that followed the events of MarinefordFranky was in charge of using the plans of the famous Dr Vegapunk to continue modifying his body to the extreme.

Throughout various events in the series, such as the battle with the mr pink, it is revealed that Franky has replaced much more of his body than previously thought. Even his eyes are now robotic lenses. Franky’s body hides a number of comedic weapons and gadgetsand even its stomach is used as a refrigerator compartment to store colas.

This One Piece cosplay shows just how crazy Franky would be in real life, as his already huge proportions are big enough to make strongmen envious. The cosplayer also makes sure to include some of Franky’s most famous poses.including his prominent star design on his forearm.

Plus, she made sure to take a picture with Franky’s favorite drink: an ice cold cola. Franky’s robotic body may house too many strange gadgets and weaponry to perfectly recreate his mechanical structure.but this cosplay is as close as you can get.