A One Piece theory reveals the true identity of Dr. Vegapunk and you will not believe it

This theory about Dr. Vegapunk could turn out to be true.

Since its inception One Piece has been seen surrounded by many mysterieswhich have been commissioned to do the plot of this series is more interestingbecause a long time has passed and some of them have not yet been fully clarified.

Apart from the many mysteries surrounding this series and the Poneglyph and Ancient Weaponsare also added those of some characters, as is the case of the Dr Vegapunkthe scientist who has been responsible for carrying out the vast majority of inventions for world government.

The great unknowns that this series has created have made lovers of this work speculate and draw your own conclusions about these characters, as seen recently with a theory about the true identity of Dr. Vegapunk, which does not seem to be very far from reality. Next, we tell you the details.

What is the true identity of Dr. Vegapunk according to this theory?

What will be the true identity of this scientist?

What will be the true identity of this scientist?

The theories, in One Piece, are the order of the day and it is that with so many mysteries that surround the series and its characters, the fans have no choice but to try to discover these riddles on your ownuntil Oda decides to unveil these important secrets that make anyone delirious.

One of the theories that has come taking more strength it’s about the true identity of Dr. Vegapunksince of this only knows his namebecause it has not yet been officially featured in the series.

For this reason, fans in search for answershave decided to make various theories about this characterbut the one that could more get closer to reality is that Dr. Vegapunk is someone who has already frequently seen in the series and hides under another identity.

This recent theory assumes that the Dr. Vegapunk’s true identity is nothing more and nothing less than the Admiral of the Navy: Kizaruone of the characters most important of the World Government.

Kizaru has certain similarities that could directly relate him to Dr. Vegapunk

Kizaru has certain similarities that could directly relate him to Dr. Vegapunk

Borsalino had his appearance during the Sabaody arcwhere he showed Luffy and company much of the powers he possesses thanks to his Devil Fruit Pika Pika no MiThat allows him control and transform your body into light. This character has great abilities with which he caused the Straw Hats a lot of trouble during this encounter.

What are the similarities between Kizaru and Dr. Vegapunk?

Kizaru appears to have certain similarities to Dr. Vegapunk.

Kizaru appears to have certain similarities to Dr. Vegapunk.

kizaru can move at the speed of light and also shoot lasers from his body. From these abilities, fans began to create similarities between this character and Dr. Vegapunksince the rays of the pacifists are equal to those of this. In addition to that when Borsalino arrived at Sabaody he was accompanied by Sentomaru referring to him as his subordinate.

This has further strengthened this theorywell Vegapunk only has a bodyguard and it is Sentomaruwhich could explain the close relationship he has with Kizaru. Likewise, it is speculated that Borsalino, having a broad domain of the speed of light, his brain should also be able to think in the same way, further supporting this idea, since it is known that Vegapunk possesses extensive knowledge and intelligence that surpasses the current ageso you’d need a big, fast brain to process all that information.

Although it is a simple theory elaborated by the fans, it would not be unreasonable to think that Kizaru is Dr. Vegapunkgiven the great similarities that exist between the Admiral’s abilities and the powers of the pacifists. It remains to be hoped that Oda will reveal in the next chapters the true identity of this scientist to be able to know if the lovers of this work were right.