A presenter believes that One Piece is read by people with few friends — Kudasai

the japanese portal myjitsu reported that the analyst Kouki Ozora became a trend in social networks in Japan after he assured during a morning news program that the manga one piecepossibly it is read by people who have no friends“.

«On the June 9 broadcast of the morning news show Mezamashi 8 (Fuji TV), which has become a regular source of controversy on the Internet, a host made an insulting comment about fans of the popular One Piece manga. The program presented the novelties of the franchise, which was announced as entering its latest saga. After giving an overview, host Shosuke Tanihara asked, “This Wano Country Arc was really long, but has anyone read it?” the commenter asked».

«Without However, none of the studio’s commentators seemed to have read One Piece. As the studio fell silent, Tanihara turned the conversation to business analyst Kouki Ozora (大空幸星). Mr. Ozora then put on a disappointed face and commented: “Everyone around me is reading it, but I have been able to read it“. Then he suddenly added, “I guess people who don’t have many friends or partners or friendships in their daily lives are the ones reading it,” and developed his own biased theory.».

«Tanihara replied, “Wait a minute. I’ve been reading it for a long time.” In response to Tanihara’s comment, Ozora replied, “Oh, I’m sorry. I will also read it from now on”. Many people seemed to be offended by Mr. Ozora’s statement that “One Piece fans don’t have many friends,” and comments on social media wrote, “You have made some unbelievable discriminatory comments“; “You are free to speak…because you are free…even if some people feel hurt by it. Thank you, Tanihara, for reacting quickly to the situation“; “People with great subjectivities and prejudices“; “Incredible Prejudice Commentator; he thought that One Piece was something that people who don’t have friends or anything watch… It’s maybe the best known anime in the world“; “It’s great that you don’t read it because you think so, but that you say it on TV is incredible“; Y “Too rude to Fuji TV, Shueisha, and the fans. an unnecessary comment».

«Criticisms multiply, for example. On the other hand, Tanihara, who casually continued the conversation, received praise. Kouki Ozora has insulted a nationally popular manga in Japan. Many expect you to read all the volumes published before and after for a more objective opinion.».

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