A sketch of One Piece reveals the secret lineage of this pirate

This article will contain spoilers…

A pirate from One Piece, Jewelry Bonney, in fact, could be revealed to be the daughter of notorious former warlord Bartolomew Kuma.. Before continuing, it is worth mentioning that this article will contain spoilers, if you don’t want to ruin your experiencecome back after reading the latest chapters available on MangaPlus by Shueisha. All this information is thanks to the recent revelations that Eiichiro Oda’s manga has had in the final arc.

From time to time, Eichiro Oda and the staff working on One Piece have published preliminary sketches that the author himself has made for the main and secondary characters that were eventually added to the series. One of these sketch releases featured Jewelry Bonney and the inclusion of him revealed what his true motivation within this world might be. In Bonney’s sketch, you can see a little blurb about her that says “He wants Vegapunk to restore his father.“Using context clues woven throughout the story, the only possible conclusion is that his father is the former sovereign of the Kingdom and a high-ranking officer of the Revolutionary Army: Bartolomew Kuma.

bonney one piece

One Piece shows that Bonney could be Kuma’s daughter and is looking for VegaPunk to give her back her free will.

The evidence for this relationship is overwhelming. For starters, Bartolomew Kuma was first introduced as the former sovereign of a country known as the Sorbet Kingdom. Later, at the gathering of officials and world leaders known as the Reverie, Bonney herself attends as the Queen of the Sorbet Kingdom, Connie. It seems that Bonney has been dealing very closely with the World Government and the Heavenly Dragons. for some time to find the whereabouts of Vegapunk. This information combined with Oda’s note from Bonney wanting to make Vegapunk Restore Her Father Almost Guarantees She Is Bartolomew Kuma’s Daughter.

Kuma is one of the first pirates Vegapunk worked with in One Piece.. Vegapunk eventually made Kuma a mindless slave to the Heavenly Dragons and modeled the World Government’s pacifists in his image. This would be more than convincing for Bonney to want to force Vegapunk to undo the changes made to Kuma and restore free will to him. In the end, in the world of One Piece, a character’s lineage is strongly tied to their destiny and role in the world.

Kuma and Bonne’s fate in One Piece

Those born as Heavenly Dragons are taught that they are superior to any other race and that it is natural to command armies of slaves. Others born as sons of great pirates are persecuted all their lives for the sins of their fathers. The secret lineage of Kuma now you can decide your final fate in the next chapter pack.

For its part, “Big Eater” Jewelry Bonney is a member of The Worst Generation, a group of twelve super rookies who managed to win a reward of over 100,000,000 shortly after he started hacking. Like every other pirate in this notable group, Bonney rose to infamy for several notorious acts committed against the World Government sometime before the War at Marineford. He also appears to have ties to the legendary Revolutionary Army. and has been actively working to achieve a mysterious goal that concerns the One Piece Heavenly Dragons. His work with the Revolutionary Army almost reveals his true goals by looking at series author Eichiro Oda’s forgotten drafts for the character of Bonney.

kuma one piece

In One Piece, Kuma was a victim of Dr. VegaPunk’s experiments that took away his free will and made him a slave of the world government, for this reason there are those who seek to free him from this yoke.

The next chapters of One Piece should quickly confirm or deny this new lineage., but in all probability, this connection is guaranteed. It’s not often that Oda writes a character into the main story that isn’t somehow connected to the plot at hand, and given that Kuma was recently released a couple of chapters ago, this would be the perfect One Piece moment for Bonney. to try to find Vegapunk to undo all of his experiments with his father.