A town in Castellón inspired the creator of ‘One Piece’, the most successful manga in history

‘OnePiece’ is one of the franchises most successful manganime in historyalready has more than 1,000 episodes and has millions of followers all over the world.

Its creator is the Japanese Eiichirō Oda, and he has been able to generate one of the longest-running phenomena in history, since in addition to the episodes of his series, he also has over 1000 comics.

There is a well-founded theory that states that the cartoonist has been inspired by different real cities to set and create the existing islands and kingdoms of his fictional world, and one of them is the Kingdom of Goa, which has as a reference the Castellón town of MorellaIn fact, even the structural essence of the capital of Els Ports is maintained, since its castle is imposing over the rest of the city and is located in the center.

Goa Kingdom, an important location in the ‘One Piece’ series that is inspired by Morella.

The plot of ‘One Piece’

This specific manga takes place in a fictional world similar to that of the planet earth, with the main characteristic that a large part of the surface is covered by water. This is because the protagonists from the series they are piratesand they go in search of a treasure called ‘One Piece’, which will grant the title of King of the Pirates to whoever manages to get hold of it.

The main character of the saga is known as Luffy and he has a very peculiar special ability, it is his incredible flexibility.

The young pirate goes along with his crew overcoming the problems and plots that history presents to him in his mission to get hold of the precious ‘One Piece’.

for you to understand their world

His adventures, as you can imagine after the more than 1000 chapters that have already been broadcast, have been taking place in many different islands and kingdoms, many of these being easily recognizable by their similarities with well-known cities from the real world.

But there is one of these kingdoms that has a great role, since it is Luffy’s place of origin, that is, the starting point of the protagonist of the plot and his family. This is located on the Island of Dawn, and inside it is the Kingdom of Goa, our kingdom, since it is the one that Eiichirō Oda created inspired by Morella.

The world of ‘One Piece’ and the Kingdom of Goa.

As can be seen in the double image located just above these lines, the world of the ‘One Piece’ series has a large amount of water through which the different pirate ships navigate and fight, and also many islands distributed in the different parts of the globe. Well, in the illustration on the right is the Kingdom of Goa, located on one of these islands and which can easily be seen similarities with Morella.

Other well-known cities referenced


Reference of ‘One Piece’ in Barcelona.


‘One Piece’ reference in London.


‘One Piece’ reference in Venice.


Reference of ‘One Piece’ in Rome.