Ace from One Piece was going to have a love story that never came to fruition


The news was recently made public that the editors of One Piece: Stampede had intended to make an Ace love story, but that was ultimately scrapped.

One Piece_ is packed with all kinds of interesting characters who help build this wonderful world created by Eiichiro Oda. However, one of the most loved, and missed, by the community is Luffy’s brother, Ace.

son of the former Pirate kingGol D. Roger and later raised by the legendary navy hero, Monkey D. Garp. This character had little time on the screen, but it helped fans of the franchise they will grow fond of him and mourn his end at the climax of the siege Marineford.

However, news recently broke that the film One Piece: Stampede It could have been different, since this one was going to count a love story starring Ace. Next, we tell you all the details.

Ace’s love story that never came true

Ace could have starred in his own love story, but this project was canceled

Although Ace was killed by Akainu during the siege of Marinefordover time we have discovered more about the legacy he left. In fact, after his departure, he not only left behind many people who loved him, but also promiseslike the one he did to Otama to make her his nakama and his relationship with Yamato.

It was recently learned through the One Piece movie editors that one of the ideas that was scrapped during the creation of One Piece: Stampedeit was a story starring Ace, in which a romance would live. This is something different than what we finally received, which was that event where all the big names of the new era of piracy came together.

During a discussion, the editors commented that the original idea they had for the film of One Piece: Stampede it was different, because they would address an unknown history of Ace. And after the film One Piece Goldthese they concluded that Eiichiro Oda carried a lot of responsibility taking care of the manga and the movie, so, to take weight away, they reduced their participation in the film, limiting themselves to supervising the development.

After this decision to reduce Oda’s participation in the film, they had the idea of ​​creating a love story for Ace, which would be inspired by a kind of novel that was published back then. However, this project was downloaded and, in the end, the event that we witnessed in Stampede.

If you have been wanting to enjoy what this story could have been, which I would delve more into Ace’s lifeyou can take a look at the novel called One Piece: Ace’s Storywhich was adapted into a manga format by mangaka Boichi.

Ace, one of the most missed characters in One Piece

Ace left many loved ones and promises behind when he passed away.

Ace left many loved ones and promises behind when he passed away.

Ace is a character who, despite having little screen time, quickly became one of the favorites of many lovers of the work of one piece. This proved to be a noven of firm will and committed to her dreams. And, although he had found a new family, he never forgot about his dear brother luffywhom he always tried to protect and bet on his future.

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