Ado, the singer of One Piece Film Red, recommends you this popular music manga

One Piece Film Red” this rampaging around the world… although yes, well, for now it has only been released in France and Japan and in fact there are a couple of months or so until that changes. However, in those two countries it has already made history on multiple occasions, and part of it is thanks to the presence of a singer like Ado for Uta’s musical moments. Now, this same artist has wanted recommend a music manga that has been making noise for quite a few months now.

Uta’s musical voice in One Piece Film Red thinks you should read this manga

Next I leave you with MangaMogura’s tweet by which the recommendation of the musical voice of Uta is collected:

Indeed, I am sure that this manga will already sound familiar to more than one of you, but just in case we are going to go into a little detail:

  • What is the manga that Ado recommends? In effect it is about PPPPPP, by the mangaka MAPOLLO 3. ✔️
  • Is it possible to read this manga outside of Japan? Well, the truth is that yes, and one can be found in Manga Plus. Of course, for now there is only an English translation version available. ❗
  • Why does the One Piece Film Red singer recommend the PPPPPP manga? Because his story revolves around music, more specifically, around a young pianist who will have to face all kinds of talented musicians with enormous potential. ❗
  • PPPPPP currently has 46 chapters published on MangaPlusthe first of which landed in September 2021. With all this, the manga is about to release volume 4 now. ✔️

The truth is, I always like to read manga/anime recommendations from people beyond the sector itself, like with Hideo Kojima and “Lycoris Recoil”. Also, being in Manga Plus, if “PPPPPP” continues to hold its own, it is possible that in the long term it may even end up with an anime adaptation, bearing in mind that successful music-focused manga are not as recurrent as they may seem. In any case, one thing is clear: the singer of “One Piece Film Red” lives by and for music.

PPPPPP Synopsis

Kuon Otogami was an amazing pianist whose name is among the best in the history of the musical world. He had seven children and they all became very successful pianists. All except for one named Lucky. This is the miraculous story of a completely normal boy who will face all kinds of divine talent.

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