After a hack, Toei Animation finally relaunches the broadcast of One Piece

Following this incident, the studio had been forced to pause various productions, but fans can finally expect a return to normal.

Long perceived as a second-rate work behind classics such as dragonball Where naruto, One Piece is now one of the most popular manga in the world. The adventures of young Luffy, who dreams of becoming the Pirate King, attract a large audience, to the point of achieving better sales than a certain Sangoku.

More than a month of waiting, a torture for the fans

Between the mysterious RPG One Piece Odyssey and the new animated film which should be devoted to the character of Shanks2022 promises to be another eventful year for Luffy and company. But if there is one content that fans of Eiichiro Oda’s manga are looking forward to, it’s the sequel to the anime. As a reminder, following a huge hack in the Toei Animation servers, no new episode of One Piece has not aired since March 6, 2022. An incident that also resulted in the postponement of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero At the movie theater. Toei Animation had been the victim of a serious hack, which ” hampered the progress of program production and affected broadcasts”.

Before being able to restart the production of its licenses such as Digimon Ghost Game, Delicious Party Precure or Dragon Quest – The Adventure of Dai, the studio had no choice but to investigate the possible damage and the cause of this intrusion. But the situation seems to have finally settled down on the side of the production studio. Via the official Twitter account of the series, we learn that episode 1014 of the adventures of Luffy now has a broadcast date in Japan, as well as on DNA in France. Entitled Marco’s tearsthis long-awaited episode will be released on April 17, 42 days after Luffy’s last adventures in anime.

A welcome return to normal

Proof of a return to normal, episode 1015 will be broadcast the following week. As a reminder, the animated series is offered in simulcast on the specialized platforms Crunchyroll and ADN, the latter notably offering the entire series, i.e. more than 1000 episodes of One Piece. Not content to reconnect with one of the most popular anime, fans can also take advantage of the weekend of April 16 and 17 to find Dragon Quest – The Adventure of Dai, Digimon Ghost Game and Delicious Party Precure. For the moment, the emblematic production studio has not yet given any news regarding the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan, originally scheduled for April 22 in Japan. Same for the movie One Piece Red, which is due out on August 6. Note that neither of these two feature films currently has a French release date.