Akainu’s sword tattoo and his secret ambition!

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Sakazuki seems to believe that every Marine should be willing to sacrifice their life in the name of justice.

So if Sakazuki is such a staunch Marine, why would he start a rogue organization?

Well… maybe it’s to get around all the administrative gear of the organization. As Fleet Admiral, it seems like a big source of frustration for him is the bureaucracy he has to deal with on a regular basis.

Creating some sort of parallel system of Marines he can trust to fight for justice without having to call in Marine HQ every time and maintain a low profile, maybe that’s his solution.

Based on Oda’s portrait of him as a childjustice is of great importance to him:

child akainu

And maybe as Fleet Admiral, he hopes to turn the Marines into the unstoppable force he’s always wanted. Rid the world of all pirates. Nothing holds him back. But instead, he was mostly held back by paperwork. Or meetings with bureaucrats. If he’s part of SWORD, he’s probably not as involved as before. Or not at all.

But if he is part of SWORD, and especially as a leader, he could use it to take control of the Marines. To hell with the Five Sageswho are comfortably seated in the safety of Mary Geoise. While they take their time to make important decisions, Marines die needlessly. And we don’t think Sakazuki is going to put up with that for long.

If Sakazuki succeeds in separating the Marines from the World Government, then what does that mean?

With the whole world in chaos, it would be pretty stupid for the high-ups to kill their best cop. I don’t think any of the current admirals can take over from the fleet admiral as effectively. And we are convinced that the Five Sages are aware of this. So they can let Akainu break free from his chains and start breaking everything. They’ll take care of him later.

Sakazuki’s Passion

Sakazuki seems to be driven by passion. Which means that he is mainly driven by his emotions. He is clearly shown as a hothead.

Unlike Kuzan, who always seems to keep his cool. He doesn’t let his emotions interfere with what he does.

Blue is believed to symbolize calm, while the color red is often associated with passion.

All that said, we believe Oda appropriately assigned the Devil Fruits. Following the pattern that Devil Fruits match the personality of their owner. Sakazuki takes pride in fighting passionately for justice, while Kuzan does so lazily. Which shows a lack of passion on Kuzan’s part.

This in no way means that Kuzan is heartless. Just that he wasn’t as devoted to the Marines as Sakazuki is.. It could have been the deciding factor in their 1v1 on Punk Hazard. As he told Smoker two years later, on this same island…

Conversely, just because Sakazuki is passionate doesn’t mean he has compassion. He sees the world through an idealized lens. A very white and black point of view. Almost like a religious fanatic. All Marines are good, and all Pirates are bad. There is no in-between. Anything that does not correspond to his ideals, he will not hesitate to reject.

Maybe that’s why he left this bonsai so bald…

bonzai akainu

In conclusion

With all the red hot idealized passion in his heart, Sakazuki must be part of SWORD. It’s a way for him, and other like-minded Marines, to fight for justice without being mired in Marine bureaucracy. Now, out of breath as Fleet Admiral, he could use SWORD to free the Marines from the control of the World Government. Not necessarily to work against them. But to fight hackers without having to go through all these steps first. He is ready for all-out war. A war that will make Marineford “cute”.