All about the debut of Ryokyugyu, the last Navy Admiral in One Piece

“Below you will find information about the manga of one piece and the introduction of Navy Admiral Ryokyugyu, so proceed only if you’re ready to see a SPOILER for chapter 1053 as big as Zoro’s chest.”

Although the sleeve of one piece has his fans shocked with the revelation of the new emperors of the seait also happens that the events of the series finally gave way to the introduction of another powerful character: The Navy Admiral Ryokyugyu (“Green Bull” by its translation).

Although it had been previously introduced, it was not until chapter 1053 (“New era”) where the design of this character was presented. We well know that the creator of one piece likes to use the appearance of famous actors from Japan for the design of the Admirals of the Navy, and in this case the appearance of Ryokyugyu is based on the Japanese actor and singer Yoshio Harada.

Appearance of Yoshio Harada (left) and Ryokyugyu (right) | Photo: Special

Ryukyugyu’s design is quite peculiar compared to those of his namesakes in the Navy: he wears pants with floral patterns on the left leg along with a sword on his tight waist. Of course, he uses the iconic coat of the admirals of the Navy with a special embroidery on the back (in reference to what kind of “philosophy of justice” he practices).

Ryokyugyu’s debut was also accompanied by the kind of ability he possesses thanks to his devil fruit, being able to turn his limbs into “roots” that suck nutrients from living beings they touch, as can be seen when he uses his ability against the remnants of the Beast Pirates.

Ryokyugyu’s intentions are still unclear now that he is on Wano Island, and although Sakasuki (“the Admiral of the Fleet”) ordered him not to do anything unnecessary, it seems that he is on the trail of the pirate captains who own new bountiesincluding our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.


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