Anime: Netflix would make live-action of the My Hero Academy series

Despite multiple failures, Netflix will keep trying. The company behind the streaming platform has not been successful in adapting live-action anime. However, under this format, more projects continue to be added.

A new report of The Hollywood Reportermaintains that the company is developing a new film about the anime, My Hero Academy, under the aforementioned format.

The production team behind this project is Legendary Entertainment, who are the same people responsible for Pacific Rim, Detective Pikachu and even The Dark Knight series. Therefore, there is a certain degree of quality execution to be expected from this film.

According to the original source, “Joby Harold is writing the script for the live-action film” and “the adaptation will be produced by Legendary’s Mary Parent and Alex Garcia.”

Joby Harold is a screenwriter, known for his most recent work with the Disney+ television show, Obi-Wan Kenobi. As for half of the producers, Mary Parent is primarily known for her work on Dune, The Revenant, and Pacific Rim.

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my hero academy

Fans of the popular series know the importance of this animated series that, like many Japanese stories, began as a manga and was adapted to the television format.

The story is based on a one-shot made by the same author and published in the fifth volume of the Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen manga under the name of My Hero.

The plot of the story is as follows:

The story takes place in a world where 80% of the population has developed “gifts”, thus emerging heroes and villains. Among the 20% of people without gifts, is Izuku Midoriya, whose greatest wish is to be able to study at the UA (acronym for Yûei, a school for heroes) and become a hero like his idol All Might.3 One day, after meeting personally to All Might, he offers to inherit his powers upon seeing his great determination despite being born without a gift. Izuku agrees and begins studying at UA, where she makes new friends, meets other professional heroes, learns to master his powers, and faces real villains.

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