Aochisai is Nami thanks to a perfect One Piece cosplay to celebrate Christmas and New Year

one piece is one of the series anime Y sleeve most popular of all time and that is, the story even seems infinite after the anime already has a huge number of episodes, although the community is delighted with this, since the adventures of the most beloved pirates allow us to meet amazing characters with a unique development.

Something that has surprised us is that these same characters are the ones that inspire a large number of artists in the cosplayer communityas is the case of a beautiful model who has decided to pay homage to the beloved female character of Nami, although in a version in which she is ready to celebrate the holidays.

Best of all, this characterization is done by the beautiful cosplayer model Aochisaiwho achieved a look that asks nothing of the original version, by having all the charm of her virtual counterpart, but leaving room to show us that she is also a big fan of the festivities, which is why we see her with a Christmas outfit that could be the perfect outfit for Christmas Y New Year.

Nami is one of the most beloved characters by anime fans, since she has been present almost since the beginning of the adventures in the crew of the Straw hat. Nami was part of the cast of the protagonists in all the narrative arcs of the very long manga and anime, evolving with it, and for this occasion Aochisai wanted to present us with a version that overflows with charm and sensuality.

Despite the fact that in the anime we can see that Nami’s appearance is constantly changing, this alternative version manages to captivate all One Piece fans, and surely any of us would like to spend the festivities with her. This time she is presented to us in the most current version of her, in which she is a woman who has matured, so now she is presented with long hair and a more adult appearance, which is great for the version made by model Aochisai.

We should mention that Aochisai is showing great talent when it comes to cosplaying with the One Piece theme, seeing her in other characterizations of her beloved characters. Seeing this characterization of Nami who is ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year, many of us have left with our mouths open, so you can visit her official account at instagram in which he is inspired by the Straw Hat crew.